Just a few notes:

The Fox Studios theme park has been more or less dead in the dirt since it's announcement at the end of 2015. Buzz has gone radio silent and there has been no movement as far as construction. Fox Studios was originally planned to be an entire land at Motiongate Dubai theme park, joining the likes of DreamWorks Animation and Sony Pictures Studios. However, Fox dropped out of the IP running with plans to make an entire theme park in the region. So it is highly unlikely that Fox Studios will be part of the Dubai Parks and Resorts development. This open IP space at Motiongate Dubai was filled by Lionsgate. A little before opening of Motiongate Dubai, the Sony Pictures Studios land got changed to Columbia Pictures.

Miral Asset Management is the developer for the Warner Brothers theme park in Abu Dhabi. They are also responsible for the development of Ferrari World, Yas Water World and the upcoming Sea World Abu Dhabi.