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    New Expansion at USJ?
    Recently was looking around on Google Earth and found some “secret” expansion areas that USJ has been working on. We all know Donkey Kong is upcoming near Super Nintendo Land but these (first one behind San Francisco Area, where BackDraft was; and second one between Jurassic Park and WaterWorld area).

    The first one seems to have its queue line pretty much completed with the foliage and the pathways. There seems to be some kind of a UFO crashsite ; literally all I can think of is Men In Black or some other alien themed attraction.

    The second one definitely gives me anticipation for it can be either the announced “Pokemon” project (which right now is on parades and shows but not an attraction yet) or it could be a similar land to Universal Monsters from Epic Universe.

    If anyone has any information on these expansions please sound off. Always excited on new things Universal is working on!
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    WDW just announced the upcoming update of Jungle Cruise ride which will be opening around the time of the live-action movie release date as a promotional stunt. Here’s the link :
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    Maybe it feels underwhelming because the story narration is all in Japanese? Imagine experiencing the ride in English where the story narration and English version of the songs may communicate more to an English guest. Also, I imagine this is an amateur video that may not capture all that is going on in the halls of the may be really difficult to capture the power of the experience unless you ride it yourself....
    So I actually thought that was the case as well, that other people who think it’s underwhelming is because they didn’t understand the language. However, I guess much to your surprise, I am Japanese lol. So even though I could understand everything I just couldn’t get into the “Disney” feel on this ride. And yes, You are right, I could never imagine what exactly it will be like until I personally ride it myself.
    But I still am hoping for them to improve some of the scenes on its grand opening.
    Looking forward to chatting with all of you for Fantasy Springs and other projects,
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    Underwhelming Soft Opening

    I really don’t know about this.
    The highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast ride was abit underwhelming when the videos came out. The scenes are very stretched, and the lack of scenery/animatronics makes it unbearable to stay in one scene for too long. Especially the Something There scene. It was just Belle and the Beast. It took probably a minute and a half.
    I am hoping this is because it’s just soft opening and later on they would include much more animatronics or things to look at.
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    I think he/she meant it’s kind of a narrative style ride. But I really do want big drops for this ride though. DisneySea changing StormRider to a nemo ride was a bad move for them. I always thought of DisneySea as more matured and aimed towards adults so, its due some thrill rides.
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    New Frozen Ride

    Do you guys think the new Frozen ride in Fantasy Springs will be similar to the one in Epcot or Oriental Land Company as usual will bring new version (ie Frozen 2 storyline) to life in this new ride??? There’s a lot of opportunity to be meddled with as Frozen 2 movie has a lot of canoe/boat scenes and those caverns in the Enchanted Land. And of course, as a thrill seeker, I would hope a larger drop than the one in Epcot.
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