Jesus Samper and Pedro Cruz and their friends have travelled the world and failed abysmally looking for foreign investors daft enough to waste their cash on Paramount Theme Park, all this on the extortionate amount of public money given to Premursa by Ramon Valcarcel (a relative of Cruz, who awarded himself a place as a PP minister in the European Parliament in this year's elections - and therefore gaining himself automatic immunity from any future criminal court proceedings!) and his regional government, Paramount Park doesn't have any foreign investment at all for simple reasons that were obvious from the beginning:

The site of the proposed development in Alhama de Murcia is an arid, ugly desert area far away from anywhere. There is insufficient drinking water to cater for a project of this size. There are no lakes nearby, the rainfall annually is negligible and water has to be brought in via canal from other regions. It's a good distance from the sea and any major beautiful city of interest, railway connections are very poor, and another of Valcarcel's disastrous white elephant mega-projects, Corvera Airport, is still unfinished, unwanted by airline companies, unopened, and with little chance of ever being commercially viable from International travellers income.

Not one theme park in Spain is financially profitable. All have tried and failed to attract sufficient visitor numbers.
If any hotels or houses actually ever get built on this site, visitors will have the delights of views and smells of the gigantic El Pozo slaughterhouse and pork products production plant to look forward to. In mid to late June all the farmers in the area spread concentrated chicken poo on their land too- the perfect enticement for people to travel across the globe to spend their holidays. Not! Agriculture and tourism just don't mix. People might be enticed to come to Murcia once after being sucked in by Photoshoped and computer generated publicity, but they won't be deceived to repeat the experience. There is currently no work going on at the site, despite the proclamations of Premursa and the promised opening date of 2015 is pure fiction. Why don't they ever show actual photos of the site? Because they are fully aware that they are lying through their teeth, that's why!

This part of the Murcia region also has continual seismic activity. Not so long ago the nearby town of Lorca was virtually destroyed in an earthquake that wasn't of particularly great magnitude. The worst damage was done to the newer buildings because the quality of construction was so poor, with negligible security measures built in to the construction. Some of the same bodgers/constructors will obviously be involved in building projects for this proposed project. Another reason to stay well away if you value the safety of your family.

Over the last ten to fifteen years there have been innumerable cases in Murcia where property purchasers were lied to and cheated by shameless promotors, estate agents, banks, notaries and solicitors who used computer generated images of what planned resorts would look like. The reality was always different once people had paid up front. They unwisely bought properties that were allegedly legal, but turned out to have been built on rustic non-buildable land and have lost all their investment. In some cases people have been fined, had their homes demolished and have returned to their countries of origin totally destitute, while the perpetrators of these hideous, scandalous crimes have got off scot-free and have no shame for what they have done and continue operating as if nothing ever happened.

In terms of Samper and his team trying to generate interest in Paramount, it is now obvious to all but them that possible investors can smell a rat and don't want to waste their money in a project that will almost certainly fail. But until Samper and his friends have spent all the millions and millions of our taxpayers' money on jollies around the world, bribes and gifts, then no one will call a halt to this folly.