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Has anyone run into this issue? We purchase our hotel reservations and park tickets the first day on March 28th. The charges have not shown up on our credit card. We called our credit card company and they said it's been too long and if SDL puts it through now they wouldn't accept it. We called the reservation number and the cast member I spoke with told me she can't charge us again and that they will honor the park tickets and reservation since we have a confirmation number, it seems so sketchy to me.
I have the same issue, but it didn't bother me until I saw your post.
I made the reservation on March 29th and still haven't been charged either. I got the email with the reservation number without any problem. When I was in Japan last year, I was charged a month after some purchased were made so I wasn't really anxious...
But now that you mention it... Well, I'll try to call reservation center tomorrow morning (I live in France, so I won't be able to do it sooner) and see what kind of answer I'll have. I'll let you know !