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Romon World
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Local Name:
Nov 2013
Construction Start:
Dec 2012
15 Jun 2015
6 ha
Romon Group
Romon Group
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  1. I am from China. I heard about Roman World, The investment company is Ningbo Romon Group, they built this commercial mall from 2012, predicted will be completed in 2014.

    The operation mode will be like Lotte in Korea. Some people called it 'Chinese Disney', but I cannot compare as I have never been to Disney.

  2. RCDB states Yinzhou, which means somewhere in the south of Ningbo:

  3. Where exactly is this park located?

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    Found all these pictures on, an awesome site!! Re-uploaded them here since some picture links appeared to be broken.

    December 2012:

    April 2013:

    May 2013 (Intamin coaster arrives):


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    This article refers to a 'Ningbo Universal Town'. Appears to be Romon World to me:

    However, parts of its programs such as World Carnival, Warner Bros. Hall and Children’s Republic will be ran by the World Carnival (Beijing) Investment Corp.,Ltd., Warner Bros. and Asia-Pacific Region General Agent of Tokyo Children’s Republic.

    The Ningbo Universal Town will covers American-style pedestrian street, themed hotels, catering area, cinemas, pubs, service apartments and leisure clubs.

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    Posted in December 2012 on the Vertical Horizons site:

    Romon World is one of the most exciting projects in China at the moment, The new park shares a lot in common with the excellent Lotte World in South Korea and will feature a large section inside a shopping mall as well as an outdoor island of attractions.

    The park is already confirmed to be getting an Indoor Intamin coaster very similar to Kanonen at Liseberg, Although it will feature a lift hill instead of a launch. The second major coaster is situated outside and will be a Maurer Sohne Launched coaster very similar to Freischütz at Bayern Park in Germany. However the ride will not feature the first barrel roll seen on that ride.

  7. This park is going to be located in Ningbo, 1 hour south from Shanghai. Romon World or Romon Land (depends how you translate it) is going to be a rip-off of Lotte World in South Korea. But they will have imported good quality coasters from European countries such as a Intamin Coaster and a Maurer and Sohne launching coaster.

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    Romon World

    Status: under construction

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