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Robot Land Incheon
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Local Name:
인천 로봇랜드
13 Nov 2007
Construction Start:
26 Sep 2013
on hold
115 ha
Incheon Metropolitan City, Incheon Robot Land Co.,Ltd
Incheon Robot Land Co.,Ltd
Ride Suppliers:
Other Suppliers:
  1. The plans have undergone approval, perhaps they will start the project within the first half year of 2013

  2. Sounds like this project is dead, or half dead, at the very least!

    I don't know, to me this theme park looks like it was never meant to be built anyway, it looks somewhat... cheap, maybe? Is that the right word?

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    The municipality has pushed to build Robot Land in the Cheongna Area within the Incheon Free Economic Zone by 2014, but recently changed its plans. It has decided to open some facilities as scheduled, including a robotics institute, but delayed the construction of for-profit facilities including a theme park.

    The project adjustment was a result of the ongoing real estate market woes.

    “We adjusted the Robot Land project in 2010 due to the slump in real estate, which is a major source of revenue for the city,” another official said. “We are trying to secure private-sector investment to implement the project in stages.”

  4. Can anyone tell me the exact location proposed for this park? Is this project still alive?

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    Pretty slick. Can hardly wait.

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    According to Singularity Hub this park will have: "A robotic aquarium with RC fish, a roller coaster than plunges into water, a giant robot arm that flings you theme park ever".

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    I'd really love to be here at the opening day :P

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    Robot Land Incheon

    Status: on hold

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