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ريال مدريد عالم
17 Nov 2022
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    More details have been released by Dubai Parks & Resorts:

    Step into Real Madrid World at Dubai Parks and Resorts, the world's first ever theme park devoted to the iconic Real Madrid football and basketball teams. Here, it's your turn to play in an epic celebration of the club's winning spirit. Dive into an adventure where 18 original Real Madrid-themed attractions and dining experiences bring the team's victorious legacy to life. Embrace the joy of the game in our park, from the pulse-quickening BERNABÉU EXPERIENCE to the exhilarating HALA MADRID COASTER. Savor the zest of Spain in our themed restaurants and cherish the triumph with exclusive merchandise from our retail stores. Real Madrid World isn't just a theme park; it's a tribute to celebration and the relentless spirit of winning, offering you a chance to be part of the glory. Join us in this unique journey where every moment is a play towards victory, honoring the Best Club of the 20th Century in a celebration like no other.
    Champions Avenue

    A Journey Through the Heartbeat of Real Madrid

    Evoking classic Madrid streets, Champions Avenue hints at the club's past, present, and future. Explore attractions and immersive experiences that celebrate the essence of the club. Music, food, and interactive games are a true celebration of Real Madrid CF.

    Celebration Plaza

    Where the Spirit of Real Madrid Football Comes Alive

    Celebration Plaza sets the stage for a celebration of football, the Real Madrid way. This central hub encapsulates the essence of football, from the lowest lows to the unparalleled highs, heroic comebacks, and everything in between. It pays tribute to the dedication and sacrifices that have forged the legend of Real Madrid, honoring the moments of blood, sweat, and tears.

    Stars Universe

    Unleashing the Winning Culture of Real Madrid

    Embark on the Stars Universe, unlocking the secrets of Real Madrid's winning culture. Gain access to cutting-edge training technology, engage in thrilling football and basketball challenges, and join the club's stars on incredible journeys to greatness and victory. Experience the qualities that make them unstoppable, as you delve into the heart of Real Madrid's triumphs.

    - HANDS UP!
    Challenge Games Arena

    Step into a dynamic and vibrant Real Madrid-inspired space that offers a wide array of physical and digital sports interactives, family challenge games, photo/video opportunities, arcades, snacks, drinks, merchandise, and so much more. It's the perfect chance to play, socialize, share unforgettable moments, and relish the Real Madrid experience, no matter your age.
    White Hearts

    A walkthrough exhibition experience as a dynamic introduction to the winning culture and mindset of Real Madrid. A journey to experience, first-hand, the magic behind the best club in the world.
    Hala Madrid: The Coaster

    Prepare for an exhilarating adventure on the "Hala Madrid" wooden roller coaster. It's more than just a ride; it's an emotional journey through Real Madrid's European conquests. Feel the winning mentality, resilience, and pure excitement of the team as you race through the twists and turns!
    La Fábrica Training Pitch

    This is your playground! Practice your best shots, join organized matches, and enjoy fun games for all ages. It's the perfect place to celebrate the simplicity of football – all you need is a ball and friends to have a blast!
    The Wave - La Ola

    Join the ranks of the most devoted fans as you scream your heart out for your favorite team on this family roller coaster. Thrills, chills, and stadium-sized roars accompany you on this exhilarating ride.
    Meet the Stars

    A dreamlike space paying homage to the past and present football and basketball legends represented as life-sized figures, graphically and through interactive media content.
    Road to Victory

    "Road to Victory" invites you on a video-game-inspired, time-traveling simulator adventure across the globe to collect the legendary trophies won by Real Madrid throughout its storied history.
    Champions Fountain Cibeles

    Step into the heart of Real Madrid's celebrations at the Cibeles Plaza in Madrid. This vibrant centrepiece radiates the spirit of victory and the pride of Real Madrid, offering the perfect space for celebration and revelry!
    Match Day Bernabéu Experience

    Unlock exclusive access to three sacred spaces within the Santiago Bernabéu that are typically off-limits: the locker room, the heart of the pitch, and a hidden sanctuary safeguarding 14 Champions League Football Trophies and 11 Basketball European Cups. It's an experience like no other.
    Magic Cleats

    Step into the colossal cleats that players rely on during the game. This Rock-n-Tug attraction is your chance to score a goal and taste victory from within the world of professional football. Get ready for an adventure that'll leave you cheering!
    Hands Up!

    Take a ride on this mini drop tower and join the team in raising the Victory Cup. As you ascend, put your hands up to reach for glory, feeling the adrenaline and pride of winning. But hang on tight because the excitement doesn't end when the tower comes down!
    Stars Flyer

    Embark on an iconic adventure that lets you reach for the sky alongside your beloved football stars. Secure in your dedicated chair, you'll ascend into the heavens, just like the Real Madrid heroes who've led the team to glory in the skies.
    Unstoppables: The Universe Cup

    Prepare for an epic intergalactic journey in this interactive shooting-style dark ride. You're recruited to join Real Madrid players on an extraordinary football match, aiming to secure the Universe Cup. It's a once-in-a-lifetime adventure where the universe becomes your stadium!
    Goal Coaster

    It's a thrilling race on the Goal Coaster as two teams, one in yellow and the other in blue, compete to score and celebrate goals as they zoom through the Goal Archway. With surprises at every turn, every ride is a unique game!
    The Factory of Dreams

    Step into a virtual simulator and journey through the "Factory of Dreams." Here, you'll discover a world brimming with surprises, where the enchanting magic that sets Real Madrid apart is brought to life.
    Champions Bus

    Jump aboard a replica of Real Madrid's iconic double-decker bus for a celebratory victory lap around Cibeles fountain in Madrid. Experience the thrill and ups and downs just like a Real Madrid footballer on this unforgettable celebration journey!
    Hala Madrid Restaurant

    At the Hala Madrid Restaurant, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Real Madrid. Revel in the decor, steeped in the Club's colours and symbols, and savour a true Madridista fiesta.
    Academy Cafe

    Indulge in a "take-away" canteen experience within a simple indoor atmosphere inspired by the Challenge Games Arena vibe. It's the perfect spot to recharge, kick back, and enjoy your refreshments in an outdoor setting.
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  4. Brief update from outside the park:

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    Billboards on the entrance of the new park (ex Bollywood Parks Dubai entrance)

  6. Dubai Parks™ and Resorts and Real Madrid C.F. have revealed the name of the first ever Real Madrid-theme park: Real Madrid World.

    Set to open at the Middle East's largest theme park destination, Real Madrid World will welcome sports fans, families and friends who can look forward to adrenaline-pumping themed attractions, immersive experiences and fan engagement opportunities, celebrating football and basketball the Real Madrid way.

    Inspired by the skills, winning spirit and values of the club, guests of all ages will be taken on a timeless journey to experience the past, present and future of the club. Here, guests will come face to face with icons from across different eras and share the passion of some of the heroic comebacks and greatest achievements that have created the legend of Real Madrid, both on and off the pitch.

    Real Madrid World promises to host new and exciting experiences for guests of all ages, including adrenaline-pumping rides, family-friendly attractions, themed food and dining, as well as unique retail stores featuring a collection of official Real Madrid merchandise, celebrating the club's history. Real Madrid World will be home to exciting experiences tailored for every thrill-seeker and fan.

    A 'world-first' addition to Dubai Parks™ and Resorts, the theme park will engage sports fans, families, and children, contributing to Dubai's status as a leading tourism destination.

    Dubai Parks™ and Resorts is the first theme park destination in the world to announce a major partnership with Real Madrid C.F. Details will be announced soon, including more information on the signature rollercoasters, food and restaurants, official retail stores, and the interactive and virtual skill games that will become part of the new theme park destination.

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    Not a lot of updates have come out for the Real Madrid theme park, like concept art or planned rollercoasters (could be the ones currently stored on the site of the former Bollywood Park (Source: Though there is a recent article which I came across not too long ago which mentions that the theme park is in the designing phase and is still set to open by the end of this year. The article also mentions that they're mainly focusing on the theme park, so that's good news.

    Link to the article (dated May 15 2023):

  8. Real Madrid replacing Bollywood?

  9. I prefer enhancing the existing parks than adding a new one! Especially Bollywood

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