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ريال مدريد عالم
17 Nov 2022
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09 Apr 2024
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  1. People are aware this is just a retheme of Bollywood Parks? A cheap one at that. Although BP didn’t have the best attendance, it was the best theming i’d seen towards Bollywood IP’s and attractions. The woodie was meant for BP however they then announced its closing and it stood SBNO without having been officially opened. The opening was delayed until now, when the Real Madrid World retheme was complete.

    So all the rides have presumably just been poorly rethemed to fit the Real Madrid theme. Judging from the pictures it looks a real shame to have lost a vibrant theme to something much more corporate and clinical. Also wondering how relevant this will stay. Feel bad for the original designers of Bollywood Parks!

  2. In that part of the world people crave jungles and forests. They were better off creating something along the lines of Animal Kingdom with tons of trees and greenery.

  3. I wouldn't be too worried. The park will not last very long...

  4. An outdoor theme park in the oven that is Dubai about a football club has to be the dumbest idea I've heard. The theming is so lackluster, the wooden coaster looks cool but how is it related to the club??? And the other rides are terrible, I can find better rides in a mall for a much lower price.

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    Dubai Parks™ and Resorts and Real Madrid C.F. have announced the much-anticipated opening of Real Madrid World (RMW), the first ever Real Madrid-themed park celebrating football and basketball the Real Madrid way, today, 9 April 2024.

    Opening at Dubai Parks™ and Resorts, the Middle East's largest theme park destination, the fascinating theme park will be home to over 40 original Real Madrid-themed experiences and attractions that offer all guests the exclusive opportunity to feel closer to their football heroes. From visiting the locker rooms of Real Madrid players and exploring the secret sanctuary guarding the club's winning trophies, to enjoying thrilling attractions, captivating entertainment shows and topped by the region's first wooden roller coaster and tallest amusement ride in the world – guests are in for an unforgettable adventure, surrounded by captivating attractions and immersive experiences like never before.

    That's not all! Fans will explore an impressive collection of official Real Madrid retail and merchandise in Dubai at Real Madrid World, where fans are invited to personalize the Club's shirts and other collectibles to celebrate football the Real Madrid way as well as enjoy numerous dining venues and carts offering flavourful treats with Spanish twists.

    Fernando Eiroa, Chief Executive Officer at Dubai Holding Entertainment, said, "Dubai Parks™ and Resorts is the first theme park destination worldwide to announce a major partnership with Real Madrid. The world's first and only Real Madrid-theme park celebrates the world's love for sports and theme parks, presenting a unique adventure that has never been done or seen before. Real Madrid World will showcase the winning spirit of Real Madrid, embodying the deep passion that brings the club to life."

    Eiroa added: "We take immense pride in crafting extraordinary entertainment experiences for guests of all ages. Our commitment contributes significantly to Dubai's success by boosting tourism and firmly establishing the emirate as a captivating global destination."

    Real Madrid World is the newest addition to Dubai Parks™ and Resorts set to open from Sunday to Thursday from 12:00pm to 9:00pm and on Friday and Saturday from 12:00pm to 10:00pm, families, Real Madrid fans as well as theme park enthusiasts of all ages, where they are all invited to explore its three zones: CHAMPIONS AVENUE, CELEBRATION PLAZA and STARS AVENUE, each zone paying tribute to the FIFA's Best Club of the 20th Century.

    Over 40 new themed attractions, immersive experiences and fan engagement opportunities await Real Madrid World guests, including the below:

    The HALA MADRID COASTER is the region's first wooden roller coaster that encapsulates the emotions of the Real Madrid journey with the European Cups.
    The STARS FLYER, standing at 460 feet, is the tallest amusement ride in the world and an iconic and adrenaline-pumping ride dedicated to the Real Madrid stars.
    WHITE HEARTS is a walkthrough exhibition celebrating the past, present and future of the club offering various exciting experiences. The interactive experience will highlight the values of the club and transform any guest into a 'Madridista'.
    The BERNABÉU EXPERIENCE is a theatrical interpretation providing fans with exclusive access to the locker room, the center of the pitch and a secret sanctuary guarding the 14 football European cups and the 11 Basketball European Cups – the sacred spaces within the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid, Spain.
    THE WAVE – LA OLA is a thrilling family roller coaster that will transport guests to the sacred seats of a stadium and embrace loyal fans who stand up, cheering their lungs out for their favorite team.
    LA FÁBRICA TRAINING PITCH is a playground for guests of all ages with lots of football balls and mini-training equipment for the children, to practice their best shots and train like the stars.
    THE FACTORY OF DREAMS is a virtual simulator that will take guests on a journey full of surprises where the magic that makes Real Madrid special comes alive.
    HANDS UP! is a drop tower that invites guests to raise the Victory Cup together with the team.
    FOOTBALL TRAINING CAMPS AND PROGRAMS where guests aged 6 and above, are invited to participate to an exhilarating experience that combines learning, teamwork, and fun, starting with a warm-up session, followed by learning some basic tricks, topped by engaging in a short team-based game to showcase their skills.
    ENTERTAINING SHOWS feature over 15 daily sets, offering a diverse range of fascinating experiences for Real Madrid World guests. From interactive football freestyle street shows to captivating full-cast performances, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

    The adventure will not be complete without indulging in delicious treats from the Real Madrid World diverse dining options, including the HALA MADRID RESTAURANT, where the passion of Real Madrid comes together with the flavours of Spain. Further excitement awaits all guests with THE REAL CHALLENGE for family challenge games, physical and digital sport interactives. Moreover, Real Madrid fans will explore an impressive collection of official Real Madrid retail and merchandise that offers an exclusive opportunity to personalize the Club's shirts and other collectibles to celebrate football the Real Madrid way.

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    The Dubai Parks & Resorts website is rolling out information and images for Real Madrid World:

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