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Local Name:
Приморский океанариум
Construction Start:
06 Sep 2016
4 ha
National Scientific Center of Marine Biology
National Scientific Center of Marine Biology, Primocean
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  1. Weirdly you can't buy tickets at the aquarium and you must go via a ticket reseller listed on their tickets page.

  2. Michael is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Primorsky Oceanarium is officially open!

    (Plenty more images at the source below!)

    Primorsky Oceanarium opened on September 6, 2016


  3. Vladimir Putin, the president of South Korea and the prime minister of Japan just took a tour:


  4. Michael is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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  5. It's scheduled to open in September this year.

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    So the mystery of the Oceanarium continues...

    This article is pretty awfully translated by google but the main arc is that there is now no set date for being "officially open". They are running and "open" but not officially and there are no tickets for sale outside the local area to reduce pressure on opening.

    If anyone can provide a better translation it would be appreciated.

    The official opening of the Primorsky oceanarium on the island of Russian in Vladivostok postponed indefinitely, told RIA Novosti the oceanarium Elena Molchanov
    According to her, before the inauguration of the aquarium will be constantly increasing acceptance of people. He is now running in test mode with teams of different age groups and social strata. While employees are prepared to accept a dense stream of visitors, increasing the number of test groups are preparing a program run oceanarium at full load. It worked through the logistics, the optimization of visitors at checkout time, so that people feel comfortable.
    "In the near future the system will work ticket sales Information on this will be announced in advance we would not want to create traffic jams for hours at the offices of the oceanarium, so the first stage of the tickets will be sold in Vladivostok..", - He added

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    I don't totally understand what happened but the main contractor for the Primorsky Oceanarium, Mostovik, is guilty of
    embezzling 1 billion rubles allocated for the construction of the [Primorsky Oceanarium] research and education complex
    and owes former workers 717 million rubles.

    Will this have any affect on the construction?


  8. Maybe they didn't update it, or that isn't the official website anymore. Anything in the Russian news? It was supposed to open now!

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