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PortAventura expansión
13 Mar 2014
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Feb 2015
07 Apr 2017
8 ha

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    Article related to the PortAventura expansion (Barcelona World) beyond the theme park gates:

    The Bonomi family sells 49.9% of the fund KKR Port Aventura
    The new partner enters when it will invest more than 120 million in six hotels | The operation is also part of the future strategy of the complex game BCN World
    Source (in Spanish):

  2. Latest picture -

  3. Port Aventura invest 70 million to build a new 'superatracción'

    Investindustrial's CEO, Carlo Umberto Bonomi, has reinforced its commitment to the Port Aventura theme park and aims to become the industry benchmark in Europe. After completing the 2010-2013 investment plan, which involved investment of 80 million euros in four years, Investindustrial has approved a new plan cuatrieneal (2014-2017) for the park worth another 70 million.

    The new investment objective is to consolidate the position of Port Aventura as the first park in Europe for its spectacular attractions, a condition that attracts many foreign visitors. If during the previous plan star investment was the construction of the tallest roller coaster in Europe (Shambhala, which has a fall of 80 meters), now intends to repeat the success with a new superatracción also leads the industry in Europe.

    In fact, the direction of Port Aventura has already started construction of the new facility, which will take much of the 70 million of new investment plan. The machines are already working on the grounds that the park is still unoccupied by Shambala, in the south of the site.

    The objective of Port Aventura is that the new attraction is ready for the start of the new season, in April 2014, so the work has been accelerated. A park spokeswoman confirmed the construction of the new attraction, but declined to reveal the features of it.

    However, unofficial sources indicate that Investindustrial has decided to build a new water attraction might even give rise to a new thematic area within the enclosure (now divided into five: Polynesia, China, Mexico, Western and Mediterranean). According to some sources, it is a watercoaster (a roller coaster that combines stretches of water to dry) and will also become the highest in Europe (the highest installation of this style is in the Brazilian park mirabilandia and has a height of 60 meters).

    An avalanche of Russians

    Investindustrial entered the shareholding of more profitable theme park in Spain in September 2009 through a capital increase by 94.8 million which now controls 50 percent of the shares. For three years, the Italian group ownership shared with La Caixa (which held the other 50 percent), but in November 2012 agreed with box Bonomi buying this package for 105 million and took over one hundred per cent of capital.

    In 2012, 3.8 million people visited PortAventura. Of this figure, 35 percent of visitors already belonged to international markets, up 21 percent compared to the previous season. France is the first international market for Port Aventura and represents about 45 percent of total international visits. Russia is the second international market and accounts for over 25 percent of international visitors. Russian is the fastest growing market in recent years, an increase of visits in 2012 to 75 percent over the previous year, exceeded 300,000 visits.

    The goal for the coming years is to grow the number of visitors to 5 million and get half are international.

    Article :

  4. Its not going to be indoor....rubbish !

    Splash battle to me....but I was so hoping for a water coaster

  5. It seems like this is going to be an indoor boat ride:

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