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Paramount Espa├▒a
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on hold
55 ha
  1. I really think Premursa should have the decency to let us know either way.

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    Now this is interesting. Found an article about the delay on the building of Corvera airport and then was able to read this:
    However, with the demise of the anticipated Paramount Theme Park because of environmental concerns, the throughput of passengers in the region is unlikely to come anywhere close to the numbers that were channelled through San Javier when Polaris World were at the top of their game.

  3. Premursa is closing its office in Alhama de Murcia at the end of the month. The only office is now in Madrid. Lack of progress in securing Funds is blamed- It is sadly dead.

    See Murcia today for details

  4. Found this on CTV News (USA) dated August 2015 I so wish it could all happen but still doubt it will sadly

    Paramount Murcia

    Paramount also intends to open a second park in Murcia, south of Madrid in Spain. Although several drafts and sketches of the project have been shared, the park now finds itself in a difficult position, having been subject to a number of delays and at risk of a complete shutdown.

    If the resort does see the light of day, Murcia's Paramount Park is expected to include no less than seven hotels, a casino, a mall, a conference centre and of course attractions. Performances reproducing movie scenes are also said to be in the works. As for rides, a mining train has been suggested as well as a flight simulator and a large eight-loop ride. Several distinct worlds will inhabit the resort, all inspired by studio movies. "Mission: Impossible" would be set at the heart of the adventure zone. Animated films like "Rango" and "Star Trek" will also be key elements of the park.

    So far, the launch date as well as the beginning of construction is yet to be announced.

  5. Just need news so I could know whether I should sell my property beside it or hang on to it.

  6. You can tell.

  7. Is this just an opinion or do you have some information?

  8. This project is dead in the water.

  9. I emailed a contact in Premursa who in the past has replied albeit with bland responses. I have emailed again and this time have had no response, which is worrying.

    Perhaps it all hinges on Corvera Airport which will be put up for a management contract in Jan 2016. The problem is time marches on.

  10. Any news lately guys? We really need an update.

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