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Paramount España
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on hold
55 ha
  1. Still down from the UK.

  2. From the Premursa site:

    October 29th, 2015

  3. I just checked and the site is up:

    Is this new content?

  4. It looks like the Premursa web site is down - 10 am Thursday 29th Oct 2015

    Pessimistic - They have closed down

    Optimistic - They are loading news about the funds in place and the start of construction.

    Sadly I am in the pessimistic camp.

  5. Paramount theme park boss vows to fight on despite the lack of progress:

  6. This lifted from Murcia Today weekly round up - 18 Oct 2015

    " Also sliding back into the news was Jesus Samper, promoter of the proposed Paramount Park, who claims all is not lost and he hasn't yet given up hope of finding financing for the park which should have opened this summer but remains stuck in the planning stages. Had the entwined subjects of the theme park and the airport not been quite so problematic both might have been open by now as was planned by the former tourism minister, but as is, Murcian businesses are still awaiting the promised tourist influx and the solitary stone laid to start the theme park languishes in a dust bowl"

    So it is not completely dead.

  7. Premursa, make an announcement please!

  8. I really think Premursa should have the decency to let us know either way.

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    Now this is interesting. Found an article about the delay on the building of Corvera airport and then was able to read this:
    However, with the demise of the anticipated Paramount Theme Park because of environmental concerns, the throughput of passengers in the region is unlikely to come anywhere close to the numbers that were channelled through San Javier when Polaris World were at the top of their game.

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