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Local Name:
Paramount España
Construction Start:
on hold
55 ha
  1. It's meant to open 2015

  2. Has anybody, any idea when paramount in Murcia is supposed to open. I know a stone has been laid!! but have no idea when the projected opening date is supposed to be.

  3. Will it happen ? Would be nice if it does, but look at Terra Mitica in Benidorm, they have had tough times over the past years, even close to bankruptcy few years back... So how would a NEW park fair in the current climate, if already established ones (well TM) have been struggling ?

    Here's hoping, something else to doo when we spend two weeks in the lovely Murcia area...

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    According to this video the location appears to have changed slightly. Looks smaller now:

  5. Yes, but have they got the money to build it?


  6. Thanks for posting this link. I really hope it does happen but things never seem to get off the ground so it is difficult to be optimistic. Construction was supposed to start this month but then you read it is still pending.

    I am going to try and get some news from Premursa and will post here.

  7. Meanwhile, Premursa continues its search for financing.
    From last Saturday:

  8. What a pointless, uniformed, negative collection of comments...

  9. Meeting yesterday at Condado De Alhama.

    Paramount, Corvera and Tourism in Spain.
    Sunday, January 13th, 2013

    Two of the most frequent questions I am asked on Condado De Alhama are, Will Paramount Theme Park really happen? Will Corvera Aiport ever open?

    Yesterday in Alhama there was a meeting with the theme of tourism. The meeting was attended by hundreds in the industry and amongst the audience to listen first hand was some of our own residents, Sandrine, Jorge and Sharon. Following the meeting Jorge had this to say, “They were talking about the future construction of the Paramount park and Corvera airport opening. I can tell you the Paramount Park and the airport are a fact and not an urban legend”.

    During the meeting the President said that on February 28th Alhama will have finished with the planning permission paperwork, it was voted on unanimously by all political parties for the project to continue. They do not see any reason for any delay and if you hear otherwise, it is simply rumour, the park will start and finish and open. They also protected Corvera airport and stressed that this will also open this year as planned.

    Spain is 2nd in the world for tourism income and Corvera and Paramount are paramount to making sure Murcia gets it share. It´s happy days in Murcia.

  10. More's just a concrete flagstone in the scrubland!

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