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Paramount Espa├▒a
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on hold
55 ha
  1. Hi
    I am living back in uk now but still have a house in bolnuevo near Mazaron. Does anyone know if this project will really go ahead or is it all talk ?
    Any local feedback would be great

  2. Good morning everyone!

    I have been told there is a Paramount office set up near the site and people in uniforms are working in it, also that more land has been purchased to compensate for the loss of the eco land. Can anyone confirm this?

  3. So does anyone know if anything happened yesterday or not ??

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    according to this article it says that construction will start on the 28th of Febuary

  5. For myself I'm unsure this will affect much as the real problem is getting the financing. It would be a huge boost for the area altho' I dont think we need too many more apartments or Hotels. But the actual park development alone would stimulate growth and development.Plenty of unsold apartments in close proximity before they need to build more. That aside if they keep it 'quality' then we'd see lots of visitors. Got to have fingers crossed for the region

  6. @Anonymous, do you have a source for the Eye of Spain article?

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    So this means that they will not start construction? Is this a yes, no, or not sure?

  8. Posted on Eye of Spain today that it's been decided that the park will have to be 21% smaller and therefore its not economical to build and cannot be profitable. The present plan spreads onto National Park land and that's an issue.

  9. Does anybody know why the local papers always seem to print start dates for the development of Paramount to start and then these dates just come and go but the news papers don't seem to mention it again? Not even a explanation as to why the work never started ? I think the last date given was the 15 January 2013 from my recollection but it not been mentioned since.

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