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Local Name:
Paramount Espa├▒a
Construction Start:
on hold
55 ha
  1. True this would make Murcia the perfect holiday place: sunshine, nightlife, top-class theme park, beaches and golf... what more could you want in one place, it's going to be perfect for holidays!

  2. It's about time something like that was in Spain, it would be great news

  3. Just look around! I agree it's hideous can't wait to sell

  4. Why is this a bloody awful place?

  5. Those that live nearby are looking forward to the theme park being built, hoping house prices will go up so they can leave the bloody awful place.

  6. Heck this is so complicated and bureaucratic in Spain. In the Arab Gulf States they would start digging right away after the announcement...

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  9. Yes the park is going ahead. Confirmed that 11 contractors are in the picture for construction which is scheduled for September 2013 start... don't believe stories its not going ahead, as with many large projects it takes time to create interest and capital investment then mixed with financial climate. Apparently it's still on schedule for opening 2015. See here:

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