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Local Name:
Paramount España
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on hold
55 ha
  1. Does anyone know if they are going to build residential properties in the theme park or is common sense going to prevail and help to sell empty properties by not flooding the market with more properties.

  2. Premursa Society Theme Park SA awarded the company Ferrovial Agroman SA construction of the Paramount Theme Park to be held in Murcia (Spain), for an amount of 52 million euros. This contract includes the construction of the 2nd phase of construction of the park, which will be held simultaneously with the first phase, which will mean an increase in the amount contracted. Also awarded the works to improve access and urbanization of the hotel zone, shopping and entertainment district, called Lifestyle Center, the company CHM Works and Infrastructure SA for an amount of 20 million euros.

    Premursa Theme Park SA started the preparatory work the land in order that the next January to begin work on access, development and construction of the park, anticipating the end of them in the last quarter of 2015.

  3. Hi can anyone advise if there is anymore activity at the site

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    CONSTRUCTION of the Paramount Park will begin before the end of the year. That’s according to the Mayor of Alhama de Murcia who insists there are no problems regarding the paperwork and granting of licenses.

    Mayor Alfonso Fernando Ceron said: “We are serious about what we do, everything we do is fully transparent and the Paramount Park will be a reality.” He was speaking in response to criticism from the opposition party about the development and the environmental impact.

    He added that work did not begin in September as originally planned as the developer had been delayed in completing the new plans relating to the structure of the project and had asked for an extension on deadlines.

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    I see 6 or 7 persons, 4 diggers, and they have already done a lot. They have 2 months to move the trees, and then they will start with preparation for constucion work.

  8. Two blokes and one digger!!! This could take a while!!!

  9. Thanks for the update, Roy! Do you live closeby? Can you take more pictures as the project moves forward? So right now there is only a team of two on the site?

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    They are now taking the trees away before they start with the construcion.

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