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Paramount España
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on hold
55 ha
  1. What do you mean with 'destroyed'? Isn't it a good investment now that the park goes ahead? Can you please take some pics for all of us so we can see what's happening on the ground? Even if nothing is happening, pics would be so much appreciated!

  2. My house is right next to the theme park, so spare a thought for us. Everything we bought our house for will be and has already started to be destroyed!!!!!

  3. Lets hope all the properties around the area are easier to sell. Mine has been on market for two years!!

  4. Wow, that sound promising. If it's true, it would certainly make investors a bit more confident in this project, which, lets face it has been a bit pie in the sky since it was first mooted!

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    Latest news is saying that original interest from Paramount was in issueing licence to use name only but it now intends to invest 10% stake in construction costs.

    If true this shows great faith in the project and should result in more investors being found to complete the €450 million needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
    Looks like they are clearing the land

  7. Great news for Murcia! Hope it all happens. It will be a great holiday destination, theme park and wonderful beaches nearby, plus easy access from airports. Please keep posting updates on the construction, as it's a case of people won't believe it until they see it.

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    This is great news for Murcia Spain, the sooner the better. Paramount, great weather, and Spain, has to be a winning combination.For the negative comment brigade, think before you speak, you might enjoy life a bit more.

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    Construction appears to be about to start:

    Last week Premursa, the promoter behind Murcia’s Paramount Theme Park and LifeStyle Center, awarded construction contracts to the value of 72 million euros. The Park is to open, on schedule, in the latter stages of 2015.

    The highest contract of 52 million euros was awarded to Ferrovial Agromán, the construction division of seven-billion-euro-turnover multinational Ferrovial – owners of London Heathrow. It will be responsible for the first phase of construction at the Theme Park.

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