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Paramount España
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on hold
55 ha
  1. Thanks for the directions, will certainly try and get there and take some photographs. Will post them if we do.

  2. If you go past Condo De Alhama and get to the big roundabout, first right onto the motorway as if your going to Cartagena. You will see the flag poles on the left after about 2 miles or so on the other side of the road

  3. Precise location here:

    Guys, please post some pics as soon as you can!!

  4. I'll be in Los Alcazares in a few weeks time. Can anyone give directions on how to get to the site, I'd like to see it just to satisfy myself that something may be happening!!

  5. I will be in Torrevieja in May and will take a drive down.

  6. Can anyone give me an exact location of the theme park?

  7. Yesterday the diggers were here! The dust was unbelievable. All the beautiful trees have now gone. It looks like a bare desert.

  8. drove past there over christmas, all i could see was the same flag poles no flags, no sign of anything happening

  9. What do you mean with 'destroyed'? Isn't it a good investment now that the park goes ahead? Can you please take some pics for all of us so we can see what's happening on the ground? Even if nothing is happening, pics would be so much appreciated!

  10. My house is right next to the theme park, so spare a thought for us. Everything we bought our house for will be and has already started to be destroyed!!!!!

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