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Paramount Espa├▒a
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on hold
55 ha
  1. Hi all, I found a link to a 2014 preview brochure for the new Paramount Theme Park posted just recently (25 January 2014) on a local Spanish estate agents website. Link below:

  2. Thanks for that. One other question if anybody knows, what percentage is the Spanish equivalent of the English stamp duty.
    I have heard different figures varying between 6% and 10%. is there a stamp duty free amount?


  3. Corvera airport is not open yet, could be later this year. San Javier is the only airport - MJV.

  4. I was interested in reading these posts and wondered when the new airport opens. I have done a search for flights and found nothing. Can anybody help?

    Thanks for any up-date,

  5. Any sign of work beginning?

  6. Flagship Project Manager Murcianos ( Premursa ), Jesus Samper , said that the Paramount park, to be built in Alhama de Murcia, maintains contacts with eight foreign investment funds .
    Also ensures that the funding system is already defined.

    Jesus Samper did not provide the names or other details of the investment funds for reasons of " confidentiality " , explained . He even added that similar projects " have driven investment funds" to make known their names .
    He clarified that Premursa has "more or less defined the system of financing of these works in the days when builders themselves have said they are going to undertake ."
    Ferrovial has been awarded the first phase of construction of the theme park for an amount of 52 million euros , according to the developer firm and collected Hosteltur tourism news in Paramount Murcia will be turned into new technologies.
    The works will involve a cost of 390 million euros.

    Samper along with the Minister of Culture and Tourism , Pedro Alberto Cruz , today presented the exhibitor Murcia will in the next edition of Fitur , where you can see the model first Paramount park . It will be the resource " star" of the stand thanks to a 3D installation in a space of 50 meters.

    Premursa President recalled that this society is the main investor of the project, with a capital contribution of 37 million euros, the works will involve a cost of 390 million euros and will last between 18 and 24 months,
    although this can be subject to delays.

    Of the total cost , 100 million correspond to capital , while between 130 and 140 million to the finance provided by the banks and the rest of the money will come from the sale of various parcels of the park Lifestyle Center. That is, spaces dedicated service to hotels, shops and restaurants .

    The first buildings will be within eight months upon completion of the installation work for water supplies , telephone or light as well as the implementation of security measures and the worksite .

    Samper noted that the financial books are available " for over a year," but warned that were revised less than two months ago " because the financial conditions of the country evolve fortunately a positive."
    He explained that there are companies interested in the project, particularly in the commercial area and the hotel .
    He also stressed that the suspension of the project Eurovegas " benefit " building the center of Alhama de Murcia , which has become the " only park of this nature can create jobs and wealth in Spain ."

  7. please post pictures!!

  8. Hi guys
    I will go there today or tomorrow
    Im in mazarron right now

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