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Paramount España
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on hold
55 ha
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    It will happen there just slow lol very slow . 5 years from now all the negatives on here will be positives . There is alot of positives to building the park ie jobs etc. Corvera airport will open too.

  2. It's never going to happen we have been at the same point we are now for 5 years. Corvera was built to service it but why hasn't this opened probably because they know the theme park won't!!

  3. all very nice,but no bricks or roads yet ? when is this going to start ? 20-- ish

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  5. The same time as Corvera airport opens??

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    When does it open?

  7. Unless the London park was different in some way to Spain, we already know the London one will have a water park, entertainment district and other experiences to make it a resort, rather then the Spain one which is just the business/culture center and the park. And the London one should be a lot bigger, considering it's set to be the world's 3rd largest theme park.

  8. You can fly to Spain for under £60 return. Guaranteed sunshine temperature 20 to 35 degrees come back home feeling you have had a holiday and a cracking tan.

    Or visit the one in Kent will cost about the same get a fake tan sorted guarantee rain during your stay. Go home thinking it would have been cheaper going abroad LOL!

    Kent will do ok from the UK day trips probably a bit like Alton Towers. Someone from the EU would fly to Spain instead of the UK.

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    I will not give up on Spain. I think it is exciting no matter how long it takes. The only place you can go and get sunshine no matter what time of the year. Love Mazarron

    Patience to all, it will happen. The motorway has been built for a reason. Every time I go back there is something new to see. Had a place out there for 9 years and so much has changed in a good way xx

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