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Paramount España
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on hold
55 ha
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  2. We're all remaining positive, looks like you're the only sceptic on this thread so perhaps you should join another? This thread is about the proposed build of the Paramount Park in Murcia… It's not about slagging it off. I find YOUR comments boring and a waste of my time reading them.

  3. They should move this to the Limbo or Fail thread. Nothing has happened in over four years.

  4. Any large project attracts both optimists and sceptics. The sceptics will not appreciate the red tape and time it takes to get a project like this started. The FACT is that the paperwork is now complete and building companies assigned. The other facts are that work hasn't started yet and full funding hasn't been secured. Not one project hatched has 100% funding, primary stages increase awareness and interest. Those are the facts.

    Your statement 'it ain't gonna happen' is based on an assumption unless it's strategic. Do you work for Disney?

  5. It will never be built. The population and number of visitors are far too small. That's why the guy hasn't got any investors in over four years. The only people touting for it are desperate estate agents and "investors" who are under water on their two bedroom holiday apartments.

  6. I'm not an estate agent... Although I think now's a good time to be one. I have the same interests as you and all on this thread, that is the development of a theme park in Murcia. If you let conversation flow it will develop.. Thanks for your comments though, great input.

  7. People already are... I'm here at the moment and compared to 2 years ago businesses are popping up everywhere. I'm considering a purchase now and have been monitoring the park development over time. It's all certainly made more momentum in the last year and possibly is why the area is changing.

    I think the park will happen... The large carriageways and new airport weren't built for the fun of it. It'll all happen at the same time and my worry is if I don't invest now I may be paying double in 2 years.

  8. Who's stumped up the €350 mio, then?

  9. Opening forecast for November 2017!!

  10. Looks like Corvera opens early 2015 - insider info. Next opening: Paramount!

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