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Paramount España
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on hold
55 ha
  1. Are there any updates please?

  2. All theme parks in Spain have failed, this one would be no exception. Port Aventura spent 20 years in the red, Warner Park in Madrid is a total failure and only remain open thanks to Madrid pumping in money. The one in Benidorm, we should not even mention, it is a miracle it is still operating.

  3. I cannot understand why this project has not gone ahead its in the perfect area and with the perfect climate
    They only have to look at how succesful la zenia boulavard is for investers to realise the economic value to the area
    and what a great investment opportunaty this is

  4. Have just read that the local council for the site is proposing to rezone as agricultural land as Premursa has not made any progress.

  5. Have just checked the developers website and no announcement about the outcome of the EGM yesterday. So no news.

  6. The EGM is tomorrow then we will know what the next step is, but if it was good news the PR machine would have swung into action and we would know by now. Not negative but we need to see this as it is not what we would all want it to be.

  7. We went to Barcelona and visited the Port Aventura theme park there. It was packed but a 6 hour drive from Murcia with the Cartagena road and cruise liners showed the need in the area for investment that is "paramount", to coin a phrase. I really don't see the problem.

  8. Why can't people get their act together. This is an amazing opportunity. Anyone who has been to Paramount knows what a money maker it is. We have had fantastic times there. It shouldn't even be a issue. More people are coming back to Spain as other countries are not as safe. We need to support this, not give it grief.

  9. Premursa have called an Extraordinary General Meeting On Tuesday 24th May. This will either be great news or confirmation it is dead. Most probably the end of the project.

  10. Emailed Premursa and asked how things are going. Their response: still unable to attract finance.

    So if you know of anyone with the odd 650 Million Euros I suggest they speak to Premursa.

    In reality it is dead they just need to say so.

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