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Local Name:
Paramount España
Construction Start:
on hold
55 ha
  1. The Virtual Tour shown in the Trade Fair of Fitur in Madrid:

  2. Just read today on the MurciaToday website that the Spanish government are now looking for 18 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund to help kickstart Paramount. They still don't have any private investors. If Brussels says no, then it may be goodnight Vienna for the project, which is such a shame. Is there anyone out there with a spare few millions that they don't need!?! It could be a decent investment, if managed properly.

  3. Last Saturday we discovered the land of the project Paramount Park Murcia.

    We walked around the site accompanied by the project's developers who explained the places where the different lands of the park will be.

    We got a kit to beat the heat of Murcia:

    We got a plan to know the position in the land:

    Project's Masterplan on the land:

    The land has already been cleared of trees and they have done preliminary works, they await the green light from the city of Alhama de Murcia to start working, green light could be given next July if all okay.

    You can see more photos and explanations (in Spanish) here: [Parque Paramount] Visita de a los terrenos del futuro complejo

  4. Is the Paramount Park project dead or is it still alive?

  5. I have just returned from my first trip to Condado de Alhama and am considering buying. Why???? We'll to be honest I don't think the theme park will ever materialise based on the location, infrastructure, ongoing economic climate across Europe and basic lack of anything to do of any real interest socially nearby - Florida or Paris it certainly is not. That said, after every downturn comes a boom period and as we start to see signs of growth, this would be an ideal time to buy as the foundations for this particular development are in place. A theme park would be fantastic I agree and there has been talk of Russian and Chinese investors taking an interest but I am not buying on that basis - simply put, for £50k I can buy a nice 2 bed weekend retreat with a great golf course attached. If the park happens then happy days but I suspect the area will remain a dusty, barren landscape with the various holiday complexes dotted around for many years to come.

  6. Glad to see someone has the right attitude.

  7. Sorry to tell you all it's Ferrari Land in Barcelona they have invested in!

  8. Hope this is true

  9. Just heard Kohlberg Kravis Roberts have invested in a Spanish Amusement Park, suspect it is this one, does anyone know?

  10. That's it then! It's all over! A park investigator said so.......a design consultant no less!
    The facts don't fit his book of rules, it was all a scam! a politically motivated ruse created just to?..... Well he never explained why, perhaps he'd like to come back on and tell us,
    thanks beforehand.
    I do remember reading that contracts had been awarded for the building of the infrastructure (no I cant supply a copy of the contract I wasn't given one), unless of course the developers were lying to the press, or perhaps the press were lying to their readers, easily checked I would have thought. I also remember reading that the developer already had some investment in place (I have no proof of that either) and would be using that money to start the project.
    Whatever the truth of it I doubt that anyone on this forum has a working crystal ball or knows any real facts ..... though I know one, it will get built or it won't.

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