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Local Name:
Paramount España
Construction Start:
on hold
55 ha
  1. Giwreh is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    May 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
    First multi million pound construction contract had been awarded to build the infrastructure.
    Please, show us that contract.
    Thanks beforehand, Anonymous.

  2. Giwreh is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    May 2014
    Just a general reminder to Amusement park development reality.

    Rule : Any project starts, with a real amount of capital, readily set apart to INVEST in something.
    Fact : this 'project' was not initiated, based on investor capital.
    Comment : although projects also are started by enterpreneurs who want to run a business, and LOOK for capital to do this, this "project" also was not initiated by a runtime type enterpreneur.

    Rule : Any development process starts in a spreadsheet , backed by a SERIOUS (= non biased, truly independent) initial feasibility study.
    Fact : we never saw anything of the like, appearing in communications.
    Comment : If it was there, the name of the feasibility study consultants office, would have been prominently up in the "first day" communincations.

    Rule : Real Estate Developers make money on BUILDING, then SELLING, not operating a company.
    Fact : Behind "Paramount" (sic) project here is a real estate developer.
    Comment : It doesn't matter to them, what is being build & sold, if just the money is cashed after conclusion of delivery of the build property. Operational success is of ZERO importance, to a real estate developer.

    Rule : Politic moves are the wrong way to start feasible businesses.
    Fact : This "project" was a political (election campaing driven) game, from starters.
    Comment : If you see "work starting" without having an investor around, it means that public taxpayers money is being spilled, as without an investor, the money to position 10 bulldozers and do some digging, can only come from 'some' government. Politicians are irresponsible with money, "by definition", as they just take-and-spend it, never earned it.

    And a reminder about the name "Paramount".
    It's not the attraction park owner and operator what is talked about here. 'Paramount Parks' stopped activities. Sold the former parks.
    Anno 2007-2008-2009-2010-2011-2012-2013-2014-...... it's history.
    The whole topic here with the 'project' name , is a BRAND name licensing deal.
    Paramount Pictures (now VIACOM), actually are not involved in this (these...) projects, labeled 'Paramount'.
    It's not a 'Paramount Park' project, it's an AT RANDOM Spanish real estate developers hunt.
    (And so is the UK project near London, as well. That's an AT RANDOM Brittish real estate developers hunt.)

    Greets, all
    (I am an independant designer/consultant)

  3. I agree it needs the funding and when investors are assessing market and look at social media, as they do, and find all this negativity - another nail in the coffin of Paramount Park Murcia!

    We need to be showing we want it and can't wait for it to open.

    When it happens and it will with Corvera airport it will be a major boost for a great area of Spain. Visualise the opening day and make it happen.

  4. Showing support won't make it happen.....€1 billion Euros will!!! It's looking ever more doubtful but if it does happen i can't see it being anywhere near complete by 2015 as a lot of reports suggest

  5. Thank goodness for some positivity, we should show support to help it happen. Corvera will open and the park will be built. Or we can all go to cold wet North Thames and dodge the rain, snow , sleet and wind Happy days!!

  6. I think it will go ahead and will start this year.

    They bought the land they have moved offices to be closer to the site. Office for job applicants opened.
    First multi million pound construction contract had been awarded to build the infrastructure.

    Hopefully they will start this summer but i'm not holding my breath

  7. Trust me this will never's an idea a vision but no more than that.....people should be queuing up to invest but no one does why???? Obvious if you ask me....

  8. yes we will all wait until Junio just to be told the start will be Noviembre and when that comes around well I think we all know it all starts again just like covera airport one day over the rainbow

  9. Let us see what happens in June. The said the work was on hold due to paper issues. I know it has happend before but maybe this is it If they are gonna open in late 2015.

  10. Correct the theme park will never be built it's just a publicity everything in Spain the process is completed back to front....the airport was built before they had the licences to run it....Paramount idea was rolled out before they have investors......back to front is all I can say..!!

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