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Paramount España
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on hold
55 ha

  1. Is this park actually going to happen?



  2. Time is flying and September is nearly gone and no news for this new Park ....It really happen or is another Spanish way to said SIESTA ....Murcia , Murcia , Murcia? I´m not 100% sure if this would really come a life as Samper ( CEO Profusa ) had several open issues with the local authorities about some Financial issues ....well better said this is part of the Crisis here in Spain .

    I do not know to keep my high expectation about this great project ...I will keep you posted as I´m living here in Murcia and also been working for several years at Disney ,,, in case of any question just let me know.

  3. Please hurry up and start so we can sell and end this nightmare.

  4. "The Paramount chief executive revealed during the traditional summer briefing with regional media that the project is going well "If the project would be born in another era, the kids would be (already) playing on the rides. But as he was born in 2010, in times of economy crisis, the circumstances are different" he said.
    A news from newspaper La Verdad on July 27 said that the city of Alhama expects to grant the first license between October and November, after returning to a plenary session on Special Development Plan. However, despite Premursa intend to start work in September, the municipal corporation believe it might not be possible because of the time took by bureaucracy. Minister of Tourism, Pedro Alberto Cruz, also requested speed in the schedule so they can start the works in September.

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    Anyone can take some recent pictures of the site and upload them here?

  6. Been there twice

  7. Need to get yourself to Benidorm... sounds like your sort of place

  8. I think Murcia Spain will be a great place after this, hurry up my kids can't wait!

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