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Paramount España
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on hold
55 ha
  1. Yes the park is going ahead. Confirmed that 11 contractors are in the picture for construction which is scheduled for September 2013 start... don't believe stories its not going ahead, as with many large projects it takes time to create interest and capital investment then mixed with financial climate. Apparently it's still on schedule for opening 2015. See here:

  2. Is this park going ahead or not????

  3. It's not the Premursa/Paramount project that went bankrupt, but another property development sparheaded by the same guy who is in charge for Paramount park as well. So, it's separate entities. But it's still bad news. Which investor would want to entrust funds to the Paramount project now?

  4. Paramount Murcia Investor files for Bankruptcy
    The 'Las Torres de Nuevo Condominia' project, headed by Jesus Samper amongst others, has filed for Bankruptcy.

    Jesus Samper, the President of Premursa - the Developer and Promoter behind the Paramount Murcia theme park project, is also the President of one of the Investment companies behind the €50 Million development.

  5. Just read that the sponsor for paramount park Murica Jesus Samper has filed for bankruptcy! What happens now?

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    Photo update of the site. Photo´s been taken on 9-6-13.
    Hopefully they start end of august. for more info.


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    Disney and more part two of the Paramount Par artwork is now on line here! :

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    Disney and more posted today the first part of two articles including all the artworks for the Paramount Park! It's right here, and the second part will be online tomorrow:

  9. The Major of Alhama De Murcia holding the Plan for the Paramount office to open in May

    La Verdad announced in March that the new Paramount office was to be located in the Poligono Alhama De Murcia and would be open in May for the selection of workers to begin. We went looking for the office and sure enough…

    The selection of workers for the construction phase is under way and the office is open for business. Residents of Alhama De Murcia will be given preference in selection, opening the opportunity door second to Murcia residents and finally to the whole of Spain. The jobs most sought after are catering, entertainment, customer service and maintenance.

    Applicants should or would be preferred to have a second language of either English or French.

    So Condado, if you are looking for work, you have the English and now you have an incentive to brush up on your Spanish if you haven’t perfected it already.

    Exciting times!

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    The site as it was 2 weeks ago.

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