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Local Name:
Paramount Espa├▒a
Construction Start:
on hold
55 ha
  1. Hi yes, I can confirm that work has started. There's a big dipper, haunted mansion, mission impossible ride. I suspect it will be open in the coming weeks. House prices are soaring and rentals have gone through the roof. The master plan is coming together!

  2. Good morning everyone!

    I have been told there is a Paramount office set up near the site and people in uniforms are working in it, also that more land has been purchased to compensate for the loss of the eco land. Can anyone confirm this?
    Can anyone confirm this with pictures, please!!

  3. It's ok showin them videos but is there any new news yet on the start date ???

  4. Wow, that's a long list of stalled Paramount theme parks. China, Korea, Japan, UAE, Spain... did I forget anything?

  5. No activity on the park.

  6. If the park doesn't go ahead its very unlikely Corvera will open........

    We were told San Pedro del Pinatar was getting an Ice Rink which would be used for the winter Olympics several years back then suddenly it all went quiet and nothing. This seems to be the pattern time and time again in Spain. They really need to sort out all the bureaucratic nonsense that keeps causing these ventures to fail..........Also there Project Managers need to be taught basic project management skills.........

  7. I heard a rumour that there has been a lot of activity on the so called park , I have been told that there is suddenly 30 odd lorries and digger on site ?? anyone else heard anything ?

  8. It's not going to happen its a myth

  9. Don't be too greedy banks and stop the corruption in Spain it needs this theme park to help its tourism and that will help the economy... government stop your greedy banks!

  10. We have heard so many if and and buts will the theme park be built... well we visited the Paris Disneyland, it was freezing this should have been built in Spain!! so please somebody get on and build Paramount theme park. I am sure people will come its the right weather!

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