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Local Name:
23 Jan 2019
Construction Start:
Jun 2024
49 ha
Kunming Dian Lake National Tourism Resort Guanshi Park Development Co.
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  1. Paramount Park Kunming has been planned for at least a year and a half and just this month the Environment Impact Report has been posted on the Kunming government website revealing the full plan for the park. This park will be located right near Dian Lake on land that currently has flat farm land and a small old village. The park will cost 4,988,523,400 Chinese Yuan and construction is scheduled to begin January 2021 with a completion date of June 2024.

    The park is divided into six themed areas, plus a central lagoon:

    Paramount Boulevard - the park's Hollywood-themed "main street" entrance area with stores and restaurants

    Adventure City - features Paramount's action movies, such as Mission: Impossible and The Italian Job

    Peanuts Township - based on the Peanuts comic strip which for some reason has a generic design in both the concept art and layout and is named "Wonderland" - also interesting to note is that the generic Wonderland design is also shown in concept art for Paramount Park Korea

    Lost Kingdom - features the "Tomb Raider" franchise and includes a water ride that takes place on the "Motagua River" and a coaster named "Escape from Emerald Mountain"

    Dinosaur Empire - based on James Gurney's "Dinotopia" fantasy book series in which humans live in harmony alongside intelligent dinosaurs

    Final Frontier - based on "Star Trek" in which guests are recruited to "boldly go to places where no park guests have gone before"

    Sources: and and and and and

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    Paramount Park Kunming

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