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Local Name:
파라마운트 테마파크가
Former Name(s):
Paramount Movie Park Korea
20 May 2008
Construction Start:
03 Aug 2011
40 ha
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    Daewoo Motor Sales is dishonored. so This project is stopped.
    so Ansan, the city near Seoul is preparing to attract Paramount Movie Park.

    EGE company will invest 2 quadrillion for this park.
    This park will be built on 60ha land.

    ...And Universal studio Korea Resort's developing is soooo slow because of conflict between land owner and developer.
    so This park will succeed.

  2. That's a great find, Jasiel!

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    Video Presentation of Paramount Movie Park Korea

  4. This is what the article says:

    As early as November, a new theme park operator will be selected who bought the land and develop instead of Daewoo Motor Sales.

    But there is still no way of knowing whether theme park development expenses cost 4000 billion won contract or not.

    Incheon city nailed completed deadline for the end of 2014, did a bit more than a year away, the future to guarantee the feasibility of the theme parks, it is difficult.

    The end of last month, Daewoo Motor Sales had announced to sell the land and recently they got a letter of intent from five ventures.

    Around November 20, Daewoo Motor Sales will be choosing a new operator who has proper plan for theme park business.
    (Daewoo was the company to develop Paramount Movie Park)

  5. This article (in Korean) is quite clear about it:

    My Korean friend says this:
    The construction owner is workout last year. So, construction is stop and finding new owner now.
    They give notice of a bid recently and then make a decision on 20th November. It's still empty just like the picture.

  6. It's as dead as mutton.

  7. Update on Paramount Park Korea? Do you know how one can find information on the Paramount Park Korea? It does look abandoned. Is there any official word besides "on hold"?

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    Nice photos

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    Photos from November 2010... pretty much abandoned...

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