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01 Jul 2013
20 ha
Entertainment and Travel Group
Entertainment and Travel Group
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    I visited there in 2014 and here are a few photos I took of the signs, slides and ropes course.

    PS: In the background behind the ropes course you can quite clearly see the hotel balconies, which face out towards the water park.
    PPS: The guy on the ropes course is me

  2. This thumbnail picture doesn't look like a paradise island, it looks apocalyptic.

  3. The mall opened in June but the water park wasn't operating back then. Has it opened by now?

  4. At 500 meters long, 400 meters wide and 100 meters high, the 1.7-million-square-meter mega-structure is capable of housing 20 Sydney Opera Houses and almost three times the size of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

    The Global Center, which opened June 28, is home to business offices, hotels, movie theaters, shopping malls, a faux Mediterranean village and family-themed attractions such as a water park called Paradise Island

  5. At the center of Chengdu’s all-new, enormous 1.7 million square metre New Century Global Centre sits Paradise Island Waterpark.

    Featuring a massive artificial beach and a giant LED screen reflecting ever-changing ocean views, the waterpark offers an original array of WhiteWater attractions designed for enjoyment by guests of all ages and abilities. Among WhiteWater attractions providing thrills, shrieks, and squeals are an elaborately themed AquaPlay structure offering splashy interactive fun for all, a towering, heart-pumping WhiteWater Abyss, and a Family Raft Ride.

    Guests can also test their surfing skills on a FlowRider Double and experience breathtaking drops, speed and splashes on a variety of Waterslides including an AquaLoop and a Whizzard.

  6. Inside the world's biggest building: Chinese dome houses a shopping centre, Mediterranean village, water park, ice-skating rink, and multiple hotels


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    Paradise Island Waterpark

    Status: under construction

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