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    Wonderland Dubai

    Wonderland has been closed for a while now. I was told they would reopen, however the space shot has now been removed so it's not looking good.

  2. BREAKING: once Shanghai Disneyland is open, Disney will announce and immediately commence work on the long-awaited 2nd gate at Hong Kong Disney Resort.

  3. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi coaster construction update:


  4. Did the themed water park on Iran's Kish Island actually ever open? They have a website now, but it has an investor link rather than an opening hours link:

    Here's more:

  5. @Universal8, a fifth Walt Disney World Disney park here by of before 2021, that would be indeed interesting!


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  7. On Malaysia's west coast, at Desaru, a major water park called 'Water Adventure Park' is currently under construction. Distance to Singapore is about 1h by car or public transport:

    Google Maps Satellite

  8. Is this a Maurer and Sohne coaster?

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    Ferrari world press release and rendering

    Heres a press release from Ferrari World and a rendering of the train:

    Tallest Loop and steepest inclination record breaking roller coaster
    ‘Flying Aces’ Set to Take-off at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is set to welcome thrill seekers from around the world onboard its record breaking roller coaster Flying Aces, acclaimed for having the world’s tallest loop and steepest starting hill inclination, during the first quarter of 2016.

    The first of many surprises to be unveiled as part of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s expansion, Flying Aces, will take guests to speeds up to 120kmph along a 1.5km track featuring a 52 meter (170ft) tall loop and a 51 degree steep lift. The architectural masterpiece will offer extreme gravity defying flight acrobatics that include a non-inverted loop, down flips and plenty of airtime.

    Commenting on the launch, Jesse Vargas, General Manager at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi said: “The groundbreaking engineering and technologies behind this bi-plane coaster will give guests the thrill of their lives. We have completed 50 per cent of the construction of Flying Aces and are simultaneously working on other rides and attractions to launch in 2016. We have made a complex roller coaster emerge under our red roof in less than a year, an amazing achievement, especially when we take into consideration that most other theme parks take approximately 3 years to deliver a similar feat.”

    Due to its exceptional thrill features and strong connection to Ferrari’s heritage, the first plane themed coaster is also the first of five major rides and attractions to be launched as part of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s massive expansion. Already home to the world’s fastest roller coaster ‘Formula Rossa’, the bi-plane themed coaster represents the latest addition to the Park’s offering. Flying Aces brings to life the story behind Ferrari’s Cavallino logo that is inspired by Italy’s ‘ace of aces’ Count Francesco Baracca. Count Baracca was a famous Italian aviator in the 1900’s and his legendary Prancing Horse emblem was inherited by Enzo Ferrari for good luck.

    In 2014, the Park revealed to the world its extraordinary expansion plans that will add more rides and attractions to appeal to guests of all ages. The innovative offerings are expected to increase the Park’s overall capacity by 40 per cent, reduce waiting time and enhancing the overall guest’s experience.

    In regards to the expansion, Jesse added: “We are very proud of our expansion’s progress to date and how close we are to achieving our goal. There hasn’t been a theme park that has been adding to its offerings at the pace we are setting. The amount we have invested in our expansion is roughly the same it would cost to open a new Park. We are confident that the new rides and attractions will satisfy our guests thirst for family excitement and white knuckle thrills.”

    The Park recently launched Karting Academy for guests to challenge one another in electric powered go karts, and for the little champs, an all-new Junior Training Camp has been enhanced with a soft play area and a winning mix of climbing activities. In addition, guests finally have the chance to drive the dream aboard a Ferrari California with the brand new Driving Experience, offered for the first time in a theme park.

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    OK, here we go.
    These are construction photos that I took 2 weeks ago. The park asked me not to post them until a local newspaper had done an exclusive.
    I have waited and have not had any response from the park so here are the photos.
    I will be down there again on Sunday so I will update with more then.

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