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  1. China's Suzhou Amusement Land first opened in 2003. Several years ago, Legacy Entertainment was engaged to explore the option of dramatically expanding the resort to include a second gate, along with retail and hotel components. These plans were not realized, as Suzhou Amusement Land shuttered in 2017.

  2. Nine Dragons was an integrated resort concept developed an an expansion of the existing Nine Dragon Admirals Golf Club complex located around 90 kilometers from Shanghai, China. Legacy Entertainment's theme park design included numerous attractions centered around a theme of mythical creatures, including those of land, sea, and air.

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    The world’s biggest Smurfs indoor theme park welcomed its first visitors on Friday 29th May.


    After 2 years of intense design and construction, the 8.000 sqm park opened doors near Shanghai with a Smurftastic opening ceremony attended by both Chinese and Belgian government officials.

    The Smurfs Indoor Theme Park is part of a mixed-use development containing the incredible Wonderland Intercontinental hotel, residential homes and great shopping opportunities and is a new state of the art leisure destination in the region of Shanghai..
    The park contains 29 Smurf themed attractions (like the Smurfs Berry Factory roller coaster, Gargamel’s interactive ghost house and the Swamp Adventure 3D Dark ride) which provide kids and their family an unforgettable marvellous time.


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    Amusement Today have released their May issue. The "what's new for 2020" section is interesting. We cover most of them but many are single rides or shows that we don't cover. Worth a read....

  5. One of the longest and widest-ranging relationships in the themed entertainment industry is that between Legacy Entertainment and Lotte World. Since 2002, the two groups have collaborated on 8 new attractions for the flagship park in Seoul, Korea, as well as the upcoming Lotte's Magic Forest theme park in Busan Korea, slated to debut in 2021. Prior to all this, the first cooperation was the design of a boutique theme park which was never realized- Lotte DreamGate. Planned for the city of Buyeo, the park's design tapped into elements of local Baekje design, organizing the park into lands representing Korean and Western fairy tales. While the park was never to see the light of day, some elements were ultimately incorporated into the Seoul park.

  6. From 2005 - 2010 Mark Shaprio served as the President and CEO of Six Flags, and under his leadership he aimed to steer the chain in a more family-friendly direction. One of the more unique products of this period was the Glow in the Park parade- a nighttime parade created by a team of world-renowned talent led by Legacy Entertainment. The parade was initially planned for two parks in 2008, Six Flags Mexico and Six Flags Great Adventure, and was an immediate hit at both properties. Following the immediate and dramatic audience reaction, a third parade was greenlit to debut the same season at Six Flags New England. In following seasons, 3 more parades were created for Six Flags St. Louis, Six Flags Over Texas, and Six Flags Great America. In the end, this parade is the most successful entertainment production in regional theme park history, both in terms of performances played and number of spectators.

    For this unique parade design, Legacy Entertainment tapped famed designer of the Rose Parade, Raul Rodriguez, while former chief composer of Cirque du Soleil, Benoit Jutras, provided the memorable musical score.

  7. Legacy Entertainment collaborated with Hershey's Chocolate World and On Track Themes on the 2006 re-imagining of the classic Factory Tour Ride at Hershey's Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania. This unique Omnimover dark ride was originally built in 1973, following the shuttering of tours through the actual chocolate factory. Over the years, it has had a number of major overhauls and upgrades, each one aiming to increase the entertainment factor. Legacy's dark ride design focused on the introduction of animatronic cow characters to frame and narrate the experience. Renowned character designer, Phil Mendez, best known in the theme park world for Monster Plantation (now Monster Mansion) provided the character design. Broadway designer Jerome Serlin collaborated on the 'Hershey Happiness' projection finale.

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    Dubai Hills Mall is due to have a roller coaster as one of its leisure attractions.

    The Dubai Hills Indoor Coaster consists of an enclosed (approx.) 50m tall, 45m diameter tower facility connected to the Dubai Hills Mall. The facility includes a multi-vehicle coaster consisting of a 48m vertical launch and approximately 700m of track. The roller coaster cylindrical building is integrated with a two-story attraction fit out within the mall, comprising of additional amusement facilities, food and beverage, retail, ticketing and queueing.


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    Suzhou Paradise Forest World is now open in China - it's what I would describe to be a mid-size park on the same level as the Sunac Lands (once it's fully complete). Rides include a couple of Chinese-manufactured coasters (Mack launch coaster coming in phase 2), river rapids, flat rides, drop ride, train, and most significantly a robotic arm dark ride manufactured by Jingang Technology. Concept art for the ride (which should be open now) can be seen at the bottom of this post.

    Sources: and and and and

  10. During Mark Shapiro's reign at Six Flags, Legacy Entertainment was his go-to design company, tackling projects including Six Flags Dubailand, the Glow in the Park parades, and Monster Mansion dark ride. Like Six Flags Dubailand, another project which was not realized was a park for the Middle Eastern nation of Qatar. Taking into account the nation's small population as well as its superlative GDP, Legacy designed a 'boutique theme park' tailored to the local clientele. More akin to Tivoli Gardens than a traditional Six Flags park, Six Flags Qatar would have focused less-exclusively on roller coasters and thrill rides, and more on serene gardens programmed with shopping and dining experiences.

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