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    The construction of the expansion at Walibi Belgium now has a coaster that has officially "topped off"


  2. Legacy Entertainment's theme park design of Lotte World Buyeo included a unique interactive walk-through experience, most comparable to a "Tilt House" or "Gravity House" (examples include the Knott's Berry Far "Haunted Shack", Santa Cruz "Mystery Spot", Oregon Vortex, and "Casa Magnetica" at Six Flags).

    Based on the popular Korean Fairy Tale, the "Ogre's Magic Club", this attraction would have been "The Ogre's Magic Club House", and would have taken guests on a journey through a series of chambers filled with optical illusions (including an Ames Room and a Mirror Maze), puppet characters, interactive 4D effects.

    (Note: Lotte World Buyeo is a distinct project from Lotte's Magic Forest in Busan)

  3. In addition to the contemporary design approach seen here previously, Legacy Entertainment also explored a Silk Road-inspired option for the Zheng He Chinese Cultural Center planned by developer Yanlord for the city of Nanjing. In addition to an Indoor Theme Park, Legacy's cultural center design included a large theater for live performance, a museum, an aquarium, as well as an extensive Retail, Dining & Entertainment (RD&E) district.

    Seen in this iteration is a very unique concept for a custom Intamin Flying Island / Vekoma Sky Shuttle style attraction that would have allowed guests to travel high above the "Golden Empire" aboard a flying ship.

  4. Lotte World's unique loop configuration gives the park an opportunity to combine their Nighttime Spectacular and Light Parade into a single comprehensive experience. Several minutes before the start of 'Let's Dream!', six 'lantern bikes', each representing one of the parade's six units, emerge and park in different sections of the parade route. Storytellers dismount the bikes, and entertain the audience with the backstory of their section. The main show begins with a towering castle manifesting in the center of the park from which the park's mascot, Lotty, welcomes visitors. The climax of the nighttime spectacular portion is a drone show produced by Legacy Entertainment in which a fleet of 25 choreographed 'Floating Lanterns' form a series of formations in the area above the park's signature Ice Rink. Following this, the main parade begins.

  5. Part 2: Lotte World Let's Dream! Theme Park Parade Design & Nighttime Spectacular Production by Legacy Entertainment - Preshow & Drone Show

  6. In addition to designing several music festivals for music festival producer Insomniac (including their signature event, Electric Daisy Carnival), Legacy Entertainment also worked with the EDM leader on the development of another extremely unique concept- a hybrid Theme Park / Music Festival Grounds. Legacy Entertainment's theme park design included both amusement attractions and performance venues, and functioning much like the Halloween events at Universal Studios and Knott's Berry Farm, this theme park would have distinct daytime and nighttime operations targeting different audiences.

  7. Designed by Legacy Entertainment, this MGM Studios Theme Park was proposed for Korea's Jeju Island. Known as 'the Hawaii of Korea', Jeju hosts over 15,000,000 visitors per year, and has been the location of numerous proposed theme parks, most recently including parks from Genting and Lionsgate. Currently, the only major operating theme park on the island is Shinhwa Theme Park.

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    Walibi Belgium's new Intamin coaster and African themed area is coming along nicely. These pictures were taken throughout July so show some progression.


  9. The recently-opened Hershey's Chocolatetown at HersheyPark is part of a continued trend in Hershey, Pennsylvania of updating its attractions ecosystem to reflect the city's rich culture and history. Part of this movement is embracing the character of the city's architecture. The first step took place in 2002 when the Hershey's Chocolate World Visitor's Center shed its 1970's industrial brutalist facade in favor of a design inspired by the city's iconic Chocolate Factory. Then, beginning in 2004, Legacy Entertainment collaborated with the Hershey Museum team to develop The Hershey Story Museum, further modernizing the city's architecture for the 21st century. The project debuted on Chocolate Avenue in 2009.

  10. In Armenia's capital city of Yerevan, the sprawling Victory Park was developed in 1950 and is home to the iconic "Mother Armenia" statue. Over the years, elements of the park have fallen into a state of disrepair, and options have been explored for ways to revitalize this venue. One such option was a theme park designed by Legacy Entertainment. The park, developed under the working name Victory Gardens, sports a design inspired by Armenia's rich cultural heritage. Keen observers will notice Legacy included version of the 'Kaleidoscope' Ferris Wheel from Six Flags Dubai, modified to sport Armenian patterns on its rotating fabric panels. Like Denmark's famed Tivoli Gardens, this park was designed not only to focus on amusement rides, but also on elaborate landscape displays and live entertainment.

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