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  1. SInce 2012, Legacy Entertainment has opened 8 attractions at Lotte World- Korea's most popular theme park. Of these, 4 have been part of re-developing the park's Basement 1 level, transforming it from a non-gated retail mall into usable theme park space. In addition to Underland and Wild Tours seen here previously, another part of this expansion was FAIRY TRAILS- a small fairy themed zone home to an elaborately-themed ABC Rides Mini Flume. Part of this effort also included re-developing the adjoining hallway leading to the park's ticketing zone.

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    A second Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter is due to open in 2023 in Tokyo.

    The Tokyo Metropolitan Government plans to develop a public park on a plot which includes the current grounds of Toshimaen Amusement Park which is scheduled to close at the end of August this year.
    The Studio Tour Tokyo will be the second facility of its kind in the world, after London, and will offer a new type of experiential entertainment in Japan. Building on the success of the Harry Potter experience in London which has claimed unparalleled popularity and recognition, the indoor attraction will take visitors on a fascinating behind the scenes tour of the Wizarding World series.
    The facility covers an area of about 30,000 square meters, and the exhibition space within the 'sound stage' and 'backlot' (outdoor filming area) zones will take approximately half a day to walk through.


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    The "Journey to the West" Park project in Huai'an is scheduled to open in 2020 however the images make it look far from complete. Park looks interesting though.

    Up to now, the project has completed the excavation of 39 large-scale monomers such as "The Birth of Monkey King" and "Leiyin Temple", and the main structure of the whole park has been topped. It is expected to be basically completed by the end of 2020 and some equipment commissioning will be carried out.


  4. It was recently announced in Korean media that CJ Live City, a theme park planned for Ilsan, Korea, would not be moving forward. This marks yet another casualty in what may be the world's most challenging theme park development markets, despite the superlative success of Lotte World and Everland.

    The project's signature attraction, designed by Legacy Entertainment, was a Mega E-Ticket experience which combined several attractions into one, beginning with a Dark Ride, followed by an Immersive Theater sequence, and concluding with a Maurer Spike Coaster Finale. The storyline involved CJ Studio Tour guests to conduct a heist of a top secret script.

    This multi-part attraction is not without precedent, and would have followed in the footsteps of Legacy Entertainment's popular Pacific Rim Dark Ride at Trans Studio Cibubur, which has immersive theater sequences both before and during the main dark ride segment.

  5. Continued: Legacy Entertainment's Dark Ride Design of CJ Studio Tour, Ilsan, Korea.

  6. @themeparkmad
    More Alton Towers Pictures for the Gangster Granny Ride area expansion.

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    Alton Towers Resort have just announced a new ride and themed area, plus hotel rooms with the IP of David Walliams books.

    Climb into your royal carriage as Granny and Ben enlist your help to pull off the greatest jewel heist in history! Take a spin through the sewers on a 360° special effects laden wild ride to break into the crown jewels vault!

    Escape to the ultimate Gangsta Granny stay in these extra special unique rooms. Perfect for the biggest fans of Gangsta Granny. The room features characters from the book including Granny & Ben sneaking off with the jewels. Plus hidden around the room are clues to crack the code of the vault for a special surprise inside. These mega-tastic rooms are in Alton Towers Hotel.
    They are due to open in 2021.


  8. In 2013, Lotte World in Seoul, Korea began to reclaim the parks' Basement 1 level in an effort to expand the popular theme park's capacity. Masterplanned in phases by Legacy Entertainment, this floor was home to 3 distinct theme zones; Underland, Fairy Trails, and Wild Tours.

    The WILD TOURS zone, which debuted in 2015, is home to 3 simulator attractions produced by SEGA- Wild Wing, Wild Jungle, and Wild River. These simulators can also be found at Sega Joypolis in Tokyo, Japan, and formerly at Sega Republic at the Dubai Mall in Dubai. Given this area's proximity to Underland, Legacy Entertainment's theme park design of the zone also integrated elements of the Ogres from Korean folklore.

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    The construction of the expansion at Walibi Belgium now has a coaster that has officially "topped off"


  10. Legacy Entertainment's theme park design of Lotte World Buyeo included a unique interactive walk-through experience, most comparable to a "Tilt House" or "Gravity House" (examples include the Knott's Berry Far "Haunted Shack", Santa Cruz "Mystery Spot", Oregon Vortex, and "Casa Magnetica" at Six Flags).

    Based on the popular Korean Fairy Tale, the "Ogre's Magic Club", this attraction would have been "The Ogre's Magic Club House", and would have taken guests on a journey through a series of chambers filled with optical illusions (including an Ames Room and a Mirror Maze), puppet characters, interactive 4D effects.

    (Note: Lotte World Buyeo is a distinct project from Lotte's Magic Forest in Busan)

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