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    Futuroscope in France has announced plans for a €304m transformation, with three major new attractions by 2025 followed by two themed hotels and an indoor water park.

    Vienne Department Council has selected the ambitious project submitted by the teams of the Société Anonyme du Parc de Futuroscope (SAPF), a company in which Compagnie des Alpes has a controlling interest and which currently operates the Futuroscope theme park, for the implementation of a new 30-year lease.

    Next to the current theme park, the so-called Futuroscope 2 project integrates two themed hotels and Aquascope, an indoor water park, completing the experience offered by Futuroscope to its guests. Investments totalling €104m will be carried out by a new company, Futur Resort, jointly held by SEM Patrimoniale de la Vienne and Banque des Territoires. SAPF will ensure the delegated project management for this new area and later for its operation under the terms of a new lease, also for 30 years (to 2050).

  2. Shinsegae International Theme Park. Aimed to start construction in 2021.

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    The construction site of Plopsaqua Hannut-Landen, the new large water park of the Belgian leisure group Plopsa which will be created at the end of 2020 between the municipalities of Hannut and Landen in Belgium.


  4. In 2012, facing capacity issues, Korea's Lotte World needed ways to expand the available guest area of the landlocked theme park. The solution was for the park to claim the floors below it, transforming the former mall into additional theme park space. Frequent collaborator, Legacy Entertainment, designed this concept for UNDERLAND- a magical realm home to friendly Ogres from Korean folklore. After the design phase, some major changes were made- the themed dining and retail venue were revised to be leasable spaces for chain restaurants, and the Dark Ride was replaced with a TrioTech Xd Theater.

    The 3 development phases of this floor below the park was completed in 2015, and has helped the park address its increasing popularity.

  5. That looks amazing. Where exactly in South East Asia was this Cirque du Soleil theme park supposed to go? Thailand? Vietnam? Malaysia? Bali?

  6. Beyond their well-documented work on the Vidanta Mexico project, Cirque du Soleil and Legacy Entertainment also collaborated on several other destination resort designs. These Concept Art images were developed for a Cirque Du Soleil Theme Park and Water Park resort proposed for Southeast Asia.

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    Dutch chocolate company Tony’s Chocolonely has joined forces with architecture firm SeARCH to create a unique choccy-themed attraction.
    It’s estimated the ‘chocolate circus’ will take three years to build and will cost an eye-watering $105 million (£84.5 million) in total. While a precise date for the opening hasn’t been revealed, it’s unlikely guests will be able to step inside the attraction before 2024.


  8. Lotte World's signature night parade, Let's Dream!, debuted 6 years ago this week. Upon its debut, Disney fan site MiceChat claimed " it may be the best light parade ever created". The mega show is notable for several unique 'firsts', including the first use of Drones and Pepper's Ghost effects in a theme park parade. Designed and produced by Legacy Entertainment, these concept art images were created during the projects Blue Sky phase.

  9. Legacy Entertainment has worked on multiple initiatives to re-imagine Las Vegas' iconic Tropicana resort, with the most ambitious being Columbia Sussex's 2007 plan to transform the property into the world's largest hotel with 10,000+ rooms. Part of this plan included a large-scale dark ride integrated throughout the resort.

    These concept art images, developed during the project's Concept Design phase, depict a variety of scenes from this unique MACK boat ride which would have used a combination of physical sets and 3D screens, similar to The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and Transformers. Two unique features of this attraction would have been a Water Vortex (similar to Poseidon's Fury at Universal's Islands of Adventure) and an Elevator Lift (as utilized in Sea World California's Journey to Atlantis).

  10. Here's the latest pictures from the Theme Park Chocolate Kingdom in China. The Theme Park is in its final steps before grand opening.

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