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  1. Cirque du Soleil and Legacy Entertainment collaborated on the design of a unique Aztec Theme Park & Cultural Center for an undisclosed developer in Mexico. This proposed park would include several cultural attractions, including an expansive Boat Ride, Zip Lines, a Bird Show, a Crafts Village, Fountain Garden, and other experiences celebrating Mexico's rich heritage.

  2. Part 2: Cirque du Soleil and Legacy Entertainment design of Mexico Cultural Center Theme Park

  3. Fairy Trail 'DREAM BOATS' is an ABC Mini Flume Dark Ride which debuted at Lotte World in 2014. Designed by Legacy Entertainment, the attraction was part of the park's expansion into the basement level beneath the main park in an effort to increase Lotte World's capacity. This attraction is part of the Fairy Trail zone which shares the floor with Underland and Sega Wild Tours.

    One of the most memorable elements of the attraction is a colossal sleeping Ogre which guests must "sneak" over to make passage to the fairy grotto.

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    Shots of the new Dragon Valley park under construction in Nanjing, China. In these images are the Vekoma Shockwave coaster and a pair of new Golden Horse Racing Junior Coasters.


  5. NATURE'S WONDERLAND is a hybrid Theme Park and Botanical Garden planned by Chinese developer GoldenLand for the city of Yangzhou. The riverside development will accompany a planned JW Marriott Yangzhou hotel, and will feature rides and attractions interspersed throughout a retail, dining, and entertainment riverwalk. These concept art images were developed by Legacy Entertainment.

  6. These exquisite sketches were developed early in the design process of Lotte World's light parade, Let's Dream!, designed and produced by Legacy Entertainment. These parade float designs draw from the Korean park's themed lands and attractions.

  7. VALHALLA, also known as "Fullerö Park", is an integrated resort concept proposed for a site outside of Uppsala, Sweden. Legacy Entertainment's resort design features a large family Hotel and Shopping Mall, anchored by boutique-scale Theme Park and Water Park components. The resort's theme and design are based on Sweden's rich Viking culture.

  8. PART 2: VALHALLA Theme Park and Water Park Resort in Uppsala, Sweden design by Legacy Entertainment:

  9. 'Do You Speak Beluga?' is an Interactive Theater attraction at South Korea's Lotte World theme park, similar in nature to Disney's Turtle Talk with Crush. Beluga's were selected as the focus to build synergy with the nearby Lotte Aquarium. Designed by Legacy Entertainment, multiple aesthetic approaches were proposed, with Lotte World opting for the grotto look, consistent with the popular nearby 'Jumping Fish' Zamperla Flying Tigers ride.

  10. Lotte World's light parade, Let's Dream!, features six units based on the themes embodied within park's lands and attractions. Legacy Entertainment's parade design is unique in that the lead positions on each float are reserved for young park visitors.

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