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  1. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi expansion; coaster construction; pics taken earlier this week:

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    Universal planning one more theme park in Orlando after Volcano Bay? Read here:

  3. Disneyland Paris unveiled last week an aggressive refurbishment plan to its Cast Member during a big 2-days forum.

    10 attractions will be completely renovated and "plussed" with new effects before 2017 and the 25th anniversary. Looks like what they did with some original Disneyland attractions, which is pretty exciting :

    Space Mountain
    Jedi Academy (new show)
    It's a small world
    Adventure Isle / Robinson Treehouse
    Peter Pan's Flight
    Big Thunder Mountain
    Animagique (new show)
    Studio Tram Tour (3 new scenes)
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Star Tours (new 3D version for sure)

    Their goal is to have the parks look brand new and reliable for the 25th. Looks good to me!

  4. Just wait until Halloween.

  5. Thanks for that answer. But how do you get over there?

  6. It's not a construction site; it is an area used for Halloween Horror Nights.

  7. I was looking at it on Google Earth. I forgot to put that in the first post.

  8. Uhh...Guys? I was looking at Universal Studios Orlando, and I saw a BIG construction site near Men In Black and Simpsons. Any details on what it is and could someone get pics for it? Thanks.

  9. Dubai Eye is rising on JBR. First leg is up and more will be up by end of next week. I will keep an eye on it now and post more photos as it progresses.

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