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  1. Here's a first look at the lift hill section of the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker roller coaster coming to Mattel Adventure Park!

    More pictures will be coming soon!

  2. Another look at the Twin Mill Racer Track for the Mattel Adventure Park at the factory!

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    Take a ride on the new Pipeline Surf Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando. This new B&M stand up coaster adds the extra thrill of a ‘surf motion’ to the seats to increase airtime on the ride.

  4. BREAKING NEWS! Hot Wheels Coaster Track spotted at Construction site of the Mattel Adventure Park!

  5. Walibi Belgium and Aqualibi update (originaly posted on Reddit by myself):

  6. Thanks to @nationalcoasters, Here's your first look at the Mattel Adventure Park Chance Hyper-GTX Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer Roller Coaster in Glendale Arizona!

  7. Coaster track at Mattel Adventure Park construction has begun!

  8. BREAKING NEWS! Mattel Adventure Park has started building the Bone Shaker Roller Coaster! Pictures will be coming up soon!

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    First riders on Seaworld Orlando’s new B&M surf coaster. Pipeline opens in the Spring of 2023.

  10. RUMOR: Coaster track being installed for Bone Shaker, and yellow supports for the roller coaster!

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