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  2. From yesterday's launch

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    After many years of delays Mission Ferrari at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is finally complete. The ride opened today exclusively for annual passholders with it being opened to the public on January 12th. I was lucky to be 1 of the first people to experience this attraction, I have attached images of the queue for the ride. I can confirm the ride features 2 inversion, one being a backwards loop. the worlds first sideways drop track and a gyro-table section. It includes 5 LSM launches, although I would only consider 2 of them as true launches, the other 3 act more like booster wheels. Overall it isn't a very intense roller coaster but is definitely extremely fun and was well worth the wait.

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    New permanent water and multimedia show is soft opening tonight at Sun World Phu Quoc's Sunset Town in Vietnam:

    On a beautiful stretch of coastline in southern Vietnam, an exceptional destination is being born – within an already outstanding destination. Vietnam’s Sun Group has entrusted the spectacular show producer ECA2 to create something truly special on the shores of Phu Quoc. “Kiss the Stars” is the world-class multimedia show that visitors simply cannot ignore. More than a technically gobsmacking feat, operating in seawater and on a monumental scale, it’s a show with a warm human heart created around an irresistible love story that spans the galaxy.

    Setting the stage for a colossal, and unforgettable, romance
    Before “Kiss the Stars” could become a reality, it needed a stage. ECA2 created one to interact with existing elements, like the Kiss Bridge, Kiss Island, and even the cable car. The result is a massive outdoor theatre that seems to have no limits – it literally reaches for the stars in every direction. For ECA2, the aquatic stage represents the biggest of any of its projects worldwide. Yet this is only the first layer of what spectators see. The second layer is the iconic Kiss Bridge which cleverly frames the sunset, provided daily by Mother Nature. From the moment people queue until the final thrilling seconds, they are at the heart of the legend. To achieve this miracle of sensations, design intertwines with deep narrative and is punctuated by a complex symphony of multimedia effects. Fire and water play amidst light, lasers, and multiple speakers. All with the added challenges of operating in seawater. The world’s largest ever water projection screen surrounds the guests’ complete field of vision. Spine-tingling immersion is guaranteed.

    Enter the vortex, a black hole across the galaxy
    It’s the classic boy-meets-girl. Only the boy is a local from Sunset Town and the girl is from somewhere at the centre of our galaxy. Thanks to the Black Hole vortex, ingeniously reproduced through breath-taking special effects, the girl is transported to Earth. The Black Hole is a bridge across time and space that makes everything possible. So begins a story of true love as eternal as the stars. An origin story for Kiss Bridge and Island is written forever. Conceived to work as an all-multimedia experience, or as a hybrid one including dozens of live cast members, “Kiss the Stars” will create countless lasting memories.

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    Close-up view of the Mission Ferrari ride vehicle in the station:


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    Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is gearing up to bring out the world’s most immersive mega-coaster, Mission Ferrari, on January 12, 2023. This new addition will expand the World’s Leading Theme Park’s exciting offerings to an even wider range of Ferrari-inspired rides and attractions, for both adults and younger guests. Lucky Annual Pass Holders will be able to enjoy exclusive access from January 5th, 2023, prior to the highly anticipated launch of Mission Ferrari, which reaffirms Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s continuous enhancements for the guest experience with every new addition.

    A spectacular adventure awaits guests on board Mission Ferrari, an all-new exhilarating, high intensity and multisensory 5D rollercoaster experience that includes the world’s first sideways coaster drop. The themed next generation mega-coaster combines cutting-edge technology with stunning scenic show sets, an exhilarating inverted loop, and state-of-the-art special effects.

    Deana Taylor, General Manager at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi commented: “We are very excited to unveil Mission Ferrari to the world. Fans are in for a truly memorable experience with a combination of immersive ride media and an exhilarating rollercoaster track that is unlike anything else in the region. 12 years strong, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is still dedicated to elevating the guest experience by introducing new rides and attractions. We can’t wait for our guests to try it and create unforgettable memories at our Ferrari-inspired Park.”

  7. On Thursday November 24, 2022, Dreamworld's CEO Greg Yong announced over $50 million of investment into the park throughout 2023 & 2024 to deliver new attractions and area upgrades.

    Included in this investment, which AEDP ( did the initial studies and idea generation for, are a new Wave Swinger ride, a refreshed kids land including two new kids rides, an extension of Ocean Parade including a new splash pad, a brand new themed land featuring a reimagined family favorite in Vintage Cars and a major new family rollercoaster by Vekoma.

  8. Mattel Adventure Park has announced the attraction names of the family and extreme roller coasters!

    Twin Mill Racer Looping Coaster and Bone Shaker Family Coaster

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    Alton Towers, UK is getting a new coaster hopefully opening in 2025.

    More details have been revealed in the planning application for a large new indoor ride at Alton Towers! Construction will begin in spring 2023 if permission is granted and is expected to last 78 weeks. It’s unclear what type of attraction this will be at the moment!


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