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    Cirque du Soleil Design: Immersive Theater Desgin by Legacy Entertainment

    'The Forest' is a major immersive theater experience designed in collaboration between Cirque du Soleil and Legacy Entertainment for a major theme park.

    When purchasing tickets, audience members would have the option of selecting from 3 different paths with varying levels of participation. The most extreme, as seen in these storyboards, was the 'Path of the Hero' which would be far and above the most active and participatory of the options. On this path, audience members would be direct participants in the action.

    (Continued below)

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    Cirque du Soleil Set Design: Immersive Theater Production by Legacy Entertainment

    (Continued from above)

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    Theme Park Architect: DestinyLand Theme Park Design by Legacy Entertainment

    DestinyLand is a highly-unique theme park concept being developed in a creative partnership between Indonesia's Puncak Keemasan Dunamis Indonesia (PKDI) and Legacy Entertainment. PKDI's vision is for a park that is closer to a real-life video game than anything in existence, with epic quests and narrative paths being woven into the park's lands and attractions.

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    Aquaventure Waterpark, Dubai

    NO. 1 Waterpark in Dubai, this park is getting worldwide recognition with some of the record breaking and tallest slides in the world, perfect for family and solo rides, located on the Palm Jumeirah, part of the emblematic Atlantis.
    I managed to get few shots from the Nakheel Mall yesterday, can't believe I haven't experienced yet myself, will try to get some good pictures from the inside too! The weather is still good here so definetely will be on my to do list.

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    Nakheel Mall

    Nakheel Mall is the latest new entry in Dubai, opened in April 2021, it immediately became the place to be, and you can tell why from my pictures.
    For long time I've been waiting to get a 360 degrees view of the palm, and finally it's here!! Nothing particular really caught my eye in the inside on the mall, pretty standard, similar to many others, the real experience starts after you get the tickets to climb up to the 52nd floor and finally enjoy the incredible view of the iconic Palm Jumeirah. I would recommend you check it out!

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    Dubai Hills Mall indoor roller-coaster

    Dubai feels like a never ending surprise to me! Don't you think so? Today I took some pictures of the indoor roller-coaster site coming soon in one newest and biggest mall in Dubai.

    Dubai Hills Mall didn't open yet, but everything looks ready, and the opening date is close. I believe its a truly great idea combining the usual facilities you can find in a mall with an attraction like a roller-coaster which definitely will not only attract residential and commercial community but also visitors from far and wide.

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    Tribute to the Artwork of Jim Michaelson

    Jim Michaelson is best known for his prolific work with Walt Disney Imagineering, where he designed many of the theme park chain's most beloved posters (including those for the Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder Mountain, The Disneyland Railroad, among many others), as well as groundbreaking Disneyland Paris Hotel.

    Outside of Disney, Jim was also a frequent collaborator with Legacy Entertainment, where he was involved in the early development stages of most of the company's projects.

    Unrivaled in his talent for bird's-eye sketches, Jim's contributions often went unseen as they would subsequently be painted over by illustrators. Here are twenty never-before-seen pieces that showcase his one-of-a-kind talents.

    Jim Michaelson passed away in 2019.

    Chimelong Forest Kingdom:

    Vidanta Cirque du Soleil Theme Park Concept:

    Kingsland Qingdao Resort:

    Six Flags Dubai:

    Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park:

    San Diego Belmont Park:

    Studio City Macau:

    Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park Rainbow Falls & Port Majestic Zones:

    Japan Eco Resort Concept:

    Magic World Russia:

    Trans Studio Theme Park Concept:

    Armenia Theme Park:

    Golden Land Yangzhou:

    Animal Empire Theme Park Entrance:

    Tropicana Las Vegas 2012 Re-Imagining

    Hengdian World Studios Dream Kingdom Theme Park:

    Fuzhou Dream Mountain Theme Park:

    Suzhou Amusement Land:

    Magic World Russia Retail Promenade:

    Indonesian Gaming Theme Park:

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    For over a year, Jamestown business leaders have been smitten with the idea of building an amusement park along Interstate 94 to accompany the existing National Buffalo Museum and attract tourists to a region without many major draws.

    The proposed Buffalo City Park would feature bison-themed rides, attractions and entertainment venues, according to previous reporting by the Jamestown Sun. The prospect of building on publicly owned land and receiving financial backing from the state has a herd of local developers ready to run with the plan.
    Supporters of putting state funds toward the project, many of them Jamestown-area lawmakers like Montpelier Republican Rep. Craig Headland, said the park along the busy thoroughfare would be a "tourism gateway." A theme park design company estimated a few months ago that more than 200,000 people would visit the park in the year after it opened, though legislators opposed to the plan characterized the projection as overly optimistic. The company's report also says the park could open up in 2024 and earn $2.3 million in first-year profits.

    The $5 million allotment from the state would come only after the project meets a series of benchmarks, giving taxpayers cover if the park never materializes, proponents say.

    The park promoters would first have to secure a $60 million loan from the State Investment Board to build the facility. At that stage, money managers and financial experts would have to be convinced the project is a sound investment of public dollars.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MrFacipieri View Post
    What are those? Coaster tracks?
    Could that be the Intamin that’s now being installed at Seaworld, which is just next door?

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    What are those? Coaster tracks?

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