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    Tribute to the Artwork of Jim Michaelson

    Jim Michaelson is best known for his prolific work with Walt Disney Imagineering, where he designed many of the theme park chain's most beloved posters (including those for the Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder Mountain, The Disneyland Railroad, among many others), as well as groundbreaking Disneyland Paris Hotel.

    Outside of Disney, Jim was also a frequent collaborator with Legacy Entertainment, where he was involved in the early development stages of most of the company's projects.

    Unrivaled in his talent for bird's-eye sketches, Jim's contributions often went unseen as they would subsequently be painted over by illustrators. Here are twenty never-before-seen pieces that showcase his one-of-a-kind talents.

    Jim Michaelson passed away in 2019.

    Chimelong Forest Kingdom:

    Vidanta Cirque du Soleil Theme Park Concept:

    Kingsland Qingdao Resort:

    Six Flags Dubai:

    Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park:

    San Diego Belmont Park:

    Studio City Macau:

    Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park Rainbow Falls & Port Majestic Zones:

    Japan Eco Resort Concept:

    Magic World Russia:

    Trans Studio Theme Park Concept:

    Armenia Theme Park:

    Golden Land Yangzhou:

    Animal Empire Theme Park Entrance:

    Tropicana Las Vegas 2012 Re-Imagining

    Hengdian World Studios Dream Kingdom Theme Park:

    Fuzhou Dream Mountain Theme Park:

    Suzhou Amusement Land:

    Magic World Russia Retail Promenade:

    Indonesian Gaming Theme Park:

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    For over a year, Jamestown business leaders have been smitten with the idea of building an amusement park along Interstate 94 to accompany the existing National Buffalo Museum and attract tourists to a region without many major draws.

    The proposed Buffalo City Park would feature bison-themed rides, attractions and entertainment venues, according to previous reporting by the Jamestown Sun. The prospect of building on publicly owned land and receiving financial backing from the state has a herd of local developers ready to run with the plan.
    Supporters of putting state funds toward the project, many of them Jamestown-area lawmakers like Montpelier Republican Rep. Craig Headland, said the park along the busy thoroughfare would be a "tourism gateway." A theme park design company estimated a few months ago that more than 200,000 people would visit the park in the year after it opened, though legislators opposed to the plan characterized the projection as overly optimistic. The company's report also says the park could open up in 2024 and earn $2.3 million in first-year profits.

    The $5 million allotment from the state would come only after the project meets a series of benchmarks, giving taxpayers cover if the park never materializes, proponents say.

    The park promoters would first have to secure a $60 million loan from the State Investment Board to build the facility. At that stage, money managers and financial experts would have to be convinced the project is a sound investment of public dollars.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MrFacipieri View Post
    What are those? Coaster tracks?
    Could that be the Intamin that’s now being installed at Seaworld, which is just next door?

  4. MrFacipieri is online now themeparX Top Investigator
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    What are those? Coaster tracks?

  5. Theme Park Design is online now themeparX Top Investigator
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    Theme Park Architect: Floraland Phase 2 Theme Park Design by Legacy Entertainment

    Floraland is an existing theme park in Chengdu, China. For the park's 2nd gate expansion, several distinct concepts were developed, including this Hollywood-inspired scheme.

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    Themeparks in England were allowed to re-open today and Paultons Parks has opened its new expansion area - Tornado Springs - at the same time.


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    SeaWorld’s New Riptide Race POV

    Take a POV ride down both sides of SeaWorld Aquatica’s new Riptide Race water slides. These new sides are a great family addition to one of Florida’s best waterparks.

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    Indoor Theme Park Architect: 'Fantastic KingDome' Design by Legacy Entertainment

    'Fantastic KingDome' is an indoor theme park concept developed for the Chinese city of Changsha. With a design inspired by South Korea's Lotte World, the project features a domed indoor section, as well as an outdoor zone set upon a lake.

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    Rides and Attractions Will Start Opening From October 2021 at “Columbia Pictures’ Aquaverse”

    Bangsaray, Thailand, April 7 2021: Sony Pictures Entertainment and Amazon Falls announced today that they have closed a deal to develop the 14-acre prime location in the seaside town of Bangsaray, located 20 minutes from Pattaya and 90 minutes from Bangkok, to open the world’s first Columbia Pictures theme and waterpark, “Columbia Pictures’ Aquaverse.”

    With rides and attractions to begin opening from October 2021, Columbia Pictures’ Aquaverse will be a unique theme and water park and entertainment destination for Thailand and visitors from around the world, featuring state-of-the-art rides and newly themed attractions that will bring to life beloved characters from some of the most successful, world class movies from Hollywood, including Ghostbusters, Jumanji, Bad Boys, Men in Black and Hotel Transylvania.

    Catering to visitors of all ages, the park will encompass eight highly themed and immersive zones with an incredible range of both water and land-based attractions and include an exciting program of live shows, immersive entertainment, interactive props, unique sets, themed restaurants, as well as specialty merchandise and retail locations.

    Men in Black Thrill Rides – Aquaverse's most thrilling rides and attractions can be found here, including hair-raising water coaster rides, one of which has a 12-meter free-fall ride that sends you careening down a MIB Wormhole.
    Ghostbusters Supernatural Experience – Step into the Ghostbusters portal and zip across ghost traps as you glide down a water coaster with your best friend or dare to enter the world’s first and only fully-enclosed water dome in a family raft ride
    Bad Boys Raceway – Experience the thrill of the chase and put the pedal to the metal around our new outdoor go-kart tracks in a neon Miami themed racecourse.
    Jumanji Jungle Adventure – Brave the world of Jumanji through wild jungle themed water slides, visiting Jaguar Mountain while being chased by Mandrills before plunging into Jumanji’s splash pool!
    Hotel Transylvania Kid-Friendly Zone – Aquaverse's biggest water park attraction featuring over 100 water features, splash buckets, water rockets and more!
    Surf’s Up in Surfer’s Paradise – Surf a mighty wave and show us what you’ve got on the exhilarating water park attraction with our dual Flowrider!
    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Swallow Falls River Adventure – Take a break from the day's thrills by touring the Aquaverse along the lazy river and meet the amazing Foodimals featured in the hit film.
    VIVO Wave Pool – Relax in a giant wave pool inspired by the upcoming animated musical. The wave pool zone is the ideal venue when hosting music events and live shows, where celebrity artists and world-class international DJs will take to the stage.

    “We are delighted to be teaming up with Liakat Dhanji and Amazon Falls on launching Sony Pictures’ first theme and water park and are inspired by his vision of creating an immersive entertainment destination for Thailand. Columbia Pictures’ Aquaverse is the next step in Sony Pictures’ larger global strategy to grow and expand location-based entertainment by utilizing its strong global film and TV brands. We are creating opportunities for all audiences around the world to immerse themselves deeper into our stories through water parks, touring exhibitions, and theme park attractions,” said Jeffrey Godsick, EVP of Global Partnerships and Brand Management and Head of Location Based Entertainment at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

    “Sony Pictures Entertainment and Columbia Pictures’ breadth of global content, technology and talent leadership will be invaluable in creating a fully immersive experience that will bring curiosity and wonder to a global audience. The launch of Columbia Pictures’ Aquaverse represents a first step in what we envision to be a broader collaboration that will pioneer the future of an integrated entertainment destination as part of the EEC’s smart city. Alongside our unique rides and attractions, we look forward to forging new partnerships with top accommodation, technology, retail and F&B partners as we curate an unmatched lifestyle experience that will resonate with all our visitors,” said Liakat Dhanji, CEO and Chairman of Amazon Falls Co. Ltd., owners and operators of Columbia Pictures’ Aquaverse.

    “We are proud to welcome and commit to give our full support to Sony Pictures Entertainment and Amazon Falls Company Ltd. In Columbia Pictures’ Aquaverse which is poised to set new standards for immersive entertainment in the EEC, Thailand. The project is going to play a key role in reshaping the growth dynamism in the EEC. The theme park will be a key component in our EEC Smart City development plan, and EEC will provide our full support, including 5G services and other infrastructure, digital technology, transit links, and partnership with clean energy and investment promotion package to ensure the success of the project and help create a long-term sustainable development in the EEC,” said Dr. Kanit Sangsubhan, Secretary-General, Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).

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    Aquarium Architect: Marine Life Park Concept Art by Legacy Entertainment

    Many of the world's largest marine life attractions and aquariums have been designed by Legacy Entertainment, including Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, the Chimelong Marine Science Park, and the VinWonders Sea Shell aquarium in Vietnam.

    These concept art images depict some dramatic concepts which were proposed, but not included in the completed projects.

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