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  1. Oh yeah I guess it does, what about the track in the first picture? Looks like a premier launch or S&S as well to me. Thanks for responding!

  2. Looks like an S&S 4D Free Spin (

  3. Great Post. What is the coaster type with the green track? A Single-Rail?

  4. parkfan is online now Senior Park Investigator
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    Oct 2019
    I managed to get these shots of future Motiongate Dubai attractions planned for next year

  5. uaeprojects is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Global Village this year are opening Believe it or not museum and new rides and attractions

    Here is a link:

  6. ragerunner is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    SeaWorld Orlando Ice Breaker Coaster 2020

    SeaWorld Orlando's new Ice Breaker coaster has gone vertical. The Station and track support or now being installed.

  7. Some Universal Hollywood construction, looking at the lower lot, upper lot, and some Halloween horror nights mazes as they are set to be demolished at the end of next week.

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    It was announced this week that SeaWorld San Diego is adding Sesame Place to its resort, which will be a 17-acre park featuring rides, attractions and more inspired by the classic children't TV property. Interestingly, this new park is being built where Aquatica San Diego now sits, and will incorporate Aquatica's water rides and slides into the new park with updated theming.
    When it opens in 2021, Sesame Place San Diego will feature seven brand new rides, including the following:

    Super Grover-themed family coaster
    Spaceman Elmo-themed spaceship spinning ride
    S.S. Duckie-themed rotating pendulum arm ride
    Abby Cadabby-themed wave swing ride
    Cookie Monster-themed rope climbing tower ride
    Hot air balloon-style spinning ride
    Big Bird-themed carousel

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    Universal Studios, Hollywood Nintendo World Expansion Construction


  10. CarlySX is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Lost Island Waterpark in Iowa, USA is adding a theme park to its estate.

    With a significant budget of $ 100 million, Lost Island Themepark will be partly funded by the state and the city. Work began in September 2019.

    The new park is expected to span 200 acres, 30 of which will be divided into 5 thematic zones. It will include various attractions, created to offer an immersion in the magical country stories that can only be found on Lost Island .


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