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  1. For some unfathomable reason the coaster in that artwork looks almost identical to the defunct Schwarzkopf coaster Aconcagua at Parque de la Ciudad in Argentina. Don't know if this has any real relevance but just an observation. Pictures can be found on RCDB:

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    A follow up to the recent post by "parkfan" regarding the coaster track on site at Dubai Parks & Resorts:

    According to @methemeparks on Instagram there is Twist and Splash by Mack Rides and a Junior Coaster by Zamperla junior coaster, both of which will likely be heading to Bollywood Parks Dubai. There is also an S&S freespin coaster and a Maurer spinning coaster that may be going to Motiongate Dubai. The rumour is that the S&S freespin will be themed to the movie "Saw"

    According to a potentially credible source in the comments of the Instagram post a total of 12 rides originally destined for Six Flags Dubai will open at the existing parks - 10 of which will go to Bollywood and 2 for Motiongate.

    On a separate but related note, here's early concept art of Bollywood Parks with a never built, decently sized coaster:

    On another separate but related note, the movie "Saw" is distributed by Lionsgate so if that rumor proves to be true, the S&S freespin will be located within the Lionsgate area of Motiongate Dubai.

    Sources: and

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    Iron Gwazi Coming To Busch Gardens Tampa Bay in 2020

    Florida’s most thrilling coaster is rising in Tampa Bay. Iron Gwazi is a RMC hyper coaster that will open at Busch Gardens Tampa in 2020. This ride will bring a whole new level thrills to the Florida coaster scene.

  4. Oh yeah I guess it does, what about the track in the first picture? Looks like a premier launch or S&S as well to me. Thanks for responding!

  5. Looks like an S&S 4D Free Spin (

  6. Great Post. What is the coaster type with the green track? A Single-Rail?

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    I managed to get these shots of future Motiongate Dubai attractions planned for next year

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    Global Village this year are opening Believe it or not museum and new rides and attractions

    Here is a link:

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    SeaWorld Orlando Ice Breaker Coaster 2020

    SeaWorld Orlando's new Ice Breaker coaster has gone vertical. The Station and track support or now being installed.

  10. Some Universal Hollywood construction, looking at the lower lot, upper lot, and some Halloween horror nights mazes as they are set to be demolished at the end of next week.

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