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    Check photos of all attractions and review of the new VR Park Dubai


  2. Here you can see the new construction of the Disneyland parking structure through new decorations in the existing Mickey and Friends structure, along with a construction update on the Tropical Hideaway restaurant in Adventureland

  3. New theme park/waterpark with a planned opening in September 2018 at Mriya Resort & Spa in Crimea

  4. Brazilian Water Park, Thermas dos Laranjais WhiteWater West Slide complex

    Construction update:

    More on:

  5. Random construction updates from downtown Disney and the parking structure at Disneyland!

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    In early 2017, the Gothenburg City Council approved Liseberg’s Expansion Plans. In conjunction with Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary in 2021, Liseberg intends to build a water park and a themed destination hotel south of – but linked to – the current amusement park.

    Water park
    The water park will be indoor, open all year and will be characterised by high thematic and experiential quality. It will have a wide array of offerings to appeal to all types of guests, both locals and tourists:
    17 000 gross m² indoor
    2 800 guests can use the facilities at the same time
    8 leisure pools
    10 water slides
    3 water play areas
    400 seat restaurant

    Destination hotel
    The hotel will be a natural, integrated part of the Liseberg Park, with large communal areas open for both hotel guests and other visitors. The hotel will be highly themed, focusing on families and children:
    31 000 gross m²
    453 rooms, all with 4–6 beds
    550 seats in main restaurant
    250 seats in themed restaurant
    150 seats in roof bistro
    1,350 m² meeting and event space
    700 m² spa

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    Our design product Qingdao Sea Carnival Theme Park, has been opened during the May Day Holiday. The phase one covering a total construction area of 60,000㎡,the overall park, based on the marine quest as its story principal axis, contains 3 indoor and outdoor themed venues: indoor FEC (covering an area of 13,125㎡, outdoor water world (covering an area of 8,335㎡, and indoor thrilling park (covering an area of 14,205㎡), representing shallow sea, medium sea and deep sea respectively. The park, fitted with over 40 attractions and rides, is expected to attract more than 2 million visitors each year.


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    New Water Park in Dubai, Laguna in La Mer

  9. Legoland Florida is getting a new Lego Movie Land. Plans here:

    Sounds like the concept art, with a Unikitty drop tower, flying theater, and water ride overlay:

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    2 years after opening Ramayana Waterpark has announced plans to expand.

    Since opening, the waterpark has received favourable reviews online, named best waterpark in Thailand by TripAdvisor, third best in Asia and 19th overall in the world.

    Designed by Hassell Architects with WhiteWater West and Pentair acting as suppliers, the attraction sits within a picturesque scene of natural lakes and hills. It offers 21 state-of-the-art waterslides, with the capacity to host up to 7,500 people a day. The waterpark also has a raft of of additional features including a dedicated kids zone a double wave pool, lazy river, caves, water features, spa pools and relaxation pools.

    Incorporated into its initial design, Ramayana reserved a third of its land for future expansion.

    “This will not only allow a growing number of visitors to enjoy the park without waiting times, but also offer the latest thrills and rides,” said Pattermann, speaking to Attractions Management.

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