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Visited by over two million unique visitors annually, themeparX and resortX follow and celebrate the creation of theme parks and resorts, from announcement to opening, documenting all the progress, obstacles and challenges along the way.

Content on our portals can be posted by anyone, from anywhere, 24/7. We ask our users and contributors to post updates and pictures from publicly accessible angles only, but sometimes we get posts, pictures and videos that go beyond that. Unlike Wikileaks, we respect the work and property of others.

Please note, we already take proactive measures to remove material that we deem problematic, such as leaked artwork. We are a team of four moderators: one in America, one in Europe, one in the Middle East and one in Asia, covering all time zones. To give you an idea of the kind of content we remove, without being asked to, here is a sample:

If you own or represent one of the parks currently announced or under construction, please keep in mind: without you even knowing, we may have already been busy deleting unwanted material on your behalf. Thank you for your appreciation!


  • If posted directly on themeparX/resortX, we proactively remove content that we believe to be confidential, such as blueprints, artwork, contracts. If we fail to do so in any instance, please send us a quick message through the contact form, and we'll take action right away.
  • If content such as the above has been re-posted from a third party site, such as another web portal or social media platforms, we remove it upon request, but only if/once the original source of the content has been removed, as well. Given the visitation numbers on our portals, if the latter doesn't happen, the content in question may be reposted by anyone any minute.
    Don't worry, we'll take action, but before contacting us through the contact form, please ensure that the original source of the content has been deleted.
  • We do not remove photos taken from publicly accessible angles such as roads, adjacent buildings, planes or helicopters. Simply because we can't — everyone equipped with a camera or smartphone can take those pictures any day.

Please proceed to the contact form for further action. We'll get back to you very swiftly.

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The themeparX/resortX team