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Local Name:
MAPS Perak
29 Mar 2014
Construction Start:
29 Mar 2014
26 Jun 2017
8 ha
Perak Corporation, Sanderson Global
Animation Theme Park
  1. The state of the theme park is now

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    MAPs has gone into administration and is now closed.

    IPOH, Jan 28: The RM520 million Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) will be closed from today onwards until further notice. The closure notice was issued by the Receiver and Manager of Animation Theme Park Sdn Bhd (ATP) from Messrs Ernst & Young. Any inconvenience caused by the closure of MAPS is regrettable, said the notice.

    Last year, local media reported that Affin Investment had appointed Datuk Duar Tuan Kiat of Messrs Ernst & Young on December 4 as the receiver and manager of property belonging to ATP which is the operator of MAPS.

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    Perak Corp Bhd is “mulling” a plan to dispose of its 51% stake in Animation Theme Sdn Bhd (ATP), The Edge Malaysia reported in its latest issue.
    ATP is the operator of the ailing Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) located in Ipoh, Perak.
    According to a source that spoke to the weekly, Perak Corp “is talking to the state arm PKNP [Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Perak] to take over the theme park. It seems the Perak government intends to rescue them [Perak Corp]”.
    “MAPS is up for sale. At the same time, we are also open to a partnership with any potential investor. It really depends on the offer,” another source with a state agency told the business publication.
    Meanwhile, a minority shareholder said that the “management of Perak Corp had mentioned this [the possible sale of ATP to PKNP] briefly to its shareholders at the annual general meeting last month. But no price tag was mentioned”.
    MAPS was opened to the public back on June 26, 2017 but it has not attracted the number of visitors forecasted.
    “Perak Corp is trying to sell MAPS. But there are no potential buyers so far. For RM650 million, you can build four theme parks of that size. Why buy it?”
    “The transfer of ownership will not solve the problem overnight. But at the very least, it could immediately stop the bleeding of the listed company — Perak Corp,” a senior executive of a local theme park explained to the business weekly.

  4. Anybody knows what happened to the record breaking intamin roller coaster?

  5. Sanderson Group, the designer & builder of the park, threw a party at MAPS:


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    Does anybody know, when the Intamincoaster will be opening and where it is located in the park ?

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    Drone shot of MAPS on its opening day.

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