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Волшебного мира России
01 Jul 2011
Construction Start:
on hold
220 ha
Gravity Group, Moschanko Investment Group
Moschanko Investment Group
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    As yesterday a Deputy of the State Duma (the Russian Parliament), Gennady Sklyar, told reporters yesterday, at present, the land intended for the park named “Magic World of Russia” is being registered and, at the same time, various technical aspects of the project are being developed.

    Construction of a powerful substation PS-500 Obninsk, which will provide electricity to the northern part of the region and the city of Obninsk, is underway.

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    More details on "The Magical World of Russia":

    the complex will consist of several sections: interactive, educational programs for children; hotels; the largest water park in the world

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    Leading creator of destination attractions, Gary Goddard, has announced that a $4bn Russian theme park designed by the Goddard Group has been given the seal of approval by Vladimir Putin.

    In a meeting between the Russian President and the Kaluga region’s Governor, Anatoly Artamonov, Putin officially endorsed the project which is being developed by a consortium led by the LA-based Moschanko Investment Group.

    According to Goddard, “The Magical World of Russia” will be a major destination resort unique to both Russia and the rest of the world:

    “Using Russian folklore, legends, and history, we are actively working to make this a theme park that will reflect the culture and lore of Russia – and one that will be built to a quality level equal to, or better than, any other world class theme park today,” he explained.

    The massive theme park will occupy 220 hectares and is being wholly financed by investors without the need for government funding. It will feature the world’s biggest Aquapark as well as a host of ground-breaking attractions and several hotels.

    “I am happy to see my long-held dream of creating a true Theme Park and Resort for Russia finally becoming a reality,” reported Gene Moshkovich, the founder of Moschanko Investment Group.

    “From the moment I had my first idea for this park and resort, I never doubted it would be realised. But I also knew I needed the best people in the themed-entertainment and design industry. For this reason, I partnered with Gary Goddard and his Goddard Group. He and his team are helping me shape my vision for this wonderful new family destination.”

    The Hollywood-based Goddard Group was launched by innovative master-planner, Gary Goddard, in 2002. Since then, the company has developed, designed and produced over forty attractions across the globe for clients including Cirque du Soleil, Universal Studios, Six Flags, Insomniac Events, Lotte World, Galaxy Entertainment Group, and Melco-Crown.
    Source: Blooloop

  5. It's the same project. It's finally going ahead.

    Published time: 10 Jun, 2016 09:58
    Russia is planning to build its own Disneyland-style theme park on the border of the Kaluga and Moscow regions. The attraction will include the world’s biggest water park, said Kaluga Regional Governor Anatoly Artamonov at a meeting with President Putin.
    The Magical World of Russia project will consist of several zones and hotels, and will have the largest water park in the world, according to the governor.

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    Is this the same theme park or a different, new theme park that has been announced?

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    is there any update on this project ??

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    Magic World is alive! - Finally some new artwork and info about Magic World Russia:

    AECOM has been appointed to undertake a feasibility study on Magic World Russia, the country’s first destination theme park resort. AECOM’s economics team is working on behalf of the project’s developer, the Moschanko Investment Group (MIG 2000), a partner of Central Family Park Corporation (Russia) and developer of Magic World Russia. The team will determine the financial viability of a theme park resort for adults and families with children of all ages. Magic World Russia will incorporate multiple theme parks anchored by Park Russia.

    Located approximately 30 miles from Moscow, Magic World Russia will be situated on a 250-hectare (600-acre) site and features multiple theme parks with world-class rides and attractions, water parks, beach resort hotels, retail developments and live entertainment. Approximately 80 percent of the parks and attractions planned will be sheltered to offer a year-round experience.

    Phase one is currently set to encompass the creation of Park Russia, a theme park promoting the rich heritage, folklore, culture and scientific and historical achievements of Russia. This phase will also include the creation of a mile long retail and entertainment destination — “St. Petersburg Street” — which will reflect the architecture of St. Petersburg with canals, fountains and gardens.

    In addition, phase one currently foresees the creation of a theme park for children between the ages of two and eight, two aqua parks and three major hotels.

    World Without Boundaries, the world’s first theme park devoted to children with special needs, is also planned for the phase one development stage. This park will draw on the world’s leading medical and therapeutic experts to ensure rides and attractions are designed specifically to provide a memorable and fun experience to children with disabilities.

    Phase two is currently set to develop a theme park focused on an extreme sports park and a number of extreme coaster rides, a 3,000-seat amphitheatre and the “edutainment”-focused Nanopolis Children’s Park.

    As a leading advisory group on the economic viability of theme parks and creators of the Theme Index (the global attractions attendance report), AECOM’s economics team will draw on its global expertise in the development and operation of large theme park resorts. With local expertise in Russia, AECOM is uniquely placed to assess the combined factors of a world-class development near Moscow.

    “Russia is a major untapped market as a theme park destination,” said David Camp, who leads AECOM’s European economics team. “This is an exciting and ambitious project and we are delighted to be involved.”

    “I greatly admire the importance that Russians place on family,” said Gene Moshkovich, CEO and President of MIG2000. “Russia has officially declared 2012 as ‘The Year of the Family,’ reflecting the level of attention government leaders give to the well-being of families and children. I feel very proud to be a part of the great effort to develop not only Magic World Russia itself, but also the World Without Boundaries Park for children with disabilities.”

  9. What happened to this project? Is it still alive?

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    No, Magic World Russia different project as Universal Studios. Please click on link:

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