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Legoland Japan
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Local Name:
22 Nov 2011
Construction Start:
15 Apr 2015
01 Apr 2017
10 ha
  1. CarlySX is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Dec 2015
    Google Earth got updated so we can now see work taking place on the site in March. So not much to look at as yet but better than the car park previously seen!

    Source: Google Earth

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    Dec 2015
    Not specific to Japan but an interesting read about the future of LEGOLAND Parks across the world. Brace yourselves for more announcements soon.

    In the next 24 months we are set to see new LEGOLAND Parks open in Dubai, Japan and Korea. As such the size of the LEGOLAND Parks estate will increase by half over the next two years
    By 2020 a fourth new LEGOLAND is planned, in either China or the United States, and the long-term potential is for “at least” 25 sites. This represents considerable growth on the six LEGOLAND Parks in operation today
    The division’s operating margin of 34.2% in 2015 was impressive and compares to 31% in 2014. This robust profitability bodes well for the roll-out of further LEGOLAND Parks in the coming years.


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    Construction video:

  4. Legoland Japan Layout. It's the correct one, you can see it in the background of the groundbreaking ceremony picture (first):


  5. Bevy is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Feb 2015
    Work has begun in Legoland Nagoya.

    Construction work has already begun April 15.


  6. Merlin Entertainments plc (Merlin) today announces it will open its first LEGOLAND park in Japan, which is the second biggest theme park market in the world. The new park, to be located in the city of Nagoya, will cost c¥32 billion (c£185 million2) in total and adds to Merlin’s existing portfolio of six LEGOLAND parks in five countries.

    The park will be opened under Merlin’s ‘operated and leased’ model, with the infrastructure of the park being funded by a third party. Merlin will directly invest c¥9.2 billion (c£53 million2) in the park over the next 3 years and lease the balance of the assets from a company owned by KIRKBI Invest A/S (which is a subsidiary of KIRKBI A/S (‘KIRKBI’) a privately held investment and holding company with a 75% ownership share in the LEGO Group and a 29.9% shareholding in Merlin). KIRKBI’s investment, which is separate to that of Merlin’s, will be funded through a combination of equity and external debt provided by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC). Merlin’s investment is expected to deliver returns consistent with the Group’s stated pre-tax cash ROIC target of 20%.

  7. Legoland will open its first park in Japan, as the kingdom of tiny bricks spreads around the globe.

    A £185m theme park will open its doors in 2017 in Nagoya (...)

  8. According to this article, it will open in spring 2016:

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