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Local Name:
12 Oct 2022
Construction Start:
18 Oct 2023
21 ha
Del-York International Group, Lagos State Government
Ride Suppliers:
Other Suppliers:
  1. Like everything in Nigeria, this will never happen.

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    New rendering of Retail, Dining & Entertainment area:


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    Storyland Studios have partnered with Del-York International Group to design and master plan Kebulania, the first studio city on the African continent that’s set to revolutionise the rapidly growing Nigerian film industry, or “Nollywood.” The partnership aims to create a true film studio that will become a premier destination for filmmaking and creativity throughout all of Africa.
    Designed and master planned by Storyland Studios, the 224-acre Kebulania is a first-of-its-kind studio city on the African continent. The plan envisions Kebulania as a fully-resourced entertainment industry campus and film lot in the vein of Universal Studios Hollywood™. Filmmakers, actors, writers, musicians, marketing professionals, and other industry personnel can live and work on the lot, bringing their creative ideas to life in the process.

    Kebulania will also house fully equipped, modern sound stages, workshops, a film and creative arts academy, a museum commemorating the history of Nollywood, residential housing, retail, dining, entertainment, a hotel, commercial real estate, and a backlot theme park. The backlot concept presents a range of African aesthetics from the historical to the present day, including Colonial Africa, Old Africa, Modern Africa, and a Cyber City motif.

    The Lost Africa district will feature an adventure park and thrill rides, along with the fun and interactive Kids’ Studio, will keep visitors entertained during their stay.

    Sources: and and

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    Kebulania Studios Theme Park

    Status: Under Construction

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