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Theme Park Jobs - Executive/Management

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  1. Pico Play
    Place of Work: Malaysia

    Field Art Director Malaysia

    -Minimum Diploma/Degree in design fields, or the equivalent is required.
    -Experience in working in a theme park design team environment preferred.
    -Ability to work in a fast-paced and collaborative environment.
    -Excellent communication skills (verbal, written and illustrative)

    Send your resume and portfolio to [email protected]
  2. Walalah LLC (UAE)
    Place of Work: Remote
    Monthly Salary Range: EUR 2,000-3,500

    Eagle-Eyed PA / Business Manager Remote

    This job is a perfect match for ex-crew or anyone else with a wide range of skills who'd love a stable yet exciting international opportunity.

    If you can work well by yourself and equally have passion for people, you could be a match for us. Call it a part-PA, part-admin, part-sales, part-travel, part-(self-)management, part-entrepreneurial position. You'll help us — a team of 10 spread all over the world — grow the world's biggest theme park & resort construction portal. Your focus and English must be impeccable. Work remotely from Europe, and later move to the UAE.
  3. Storyland Studios
    Place of Work: Remote

    Project Director - Real Estate Development Remote

    Executive Directors are responsible for two crucial components to the Studio’s overall success – healthy relationships and tangible results.

    Storyland is a relational organization that relies heavily on a healthy partnership that exists between Principals and Executive Directors with the common goal of establishing long-term relationships with clients and delivering quality work.

    Executive Directors also work closely with other team members, including Producers, Strategists, Creatives, and other internal and external resources to ensure alignment.